U-He Hive Synthesizer Now Available


U-He has released Hive – a new software synthesizer for Mac & Windows.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Hive was made to be fast and simple. The streamlined single screen UI lets you dive into sound creation immediately. A fluid workflow invites you to tweak away until your sound is just right (or wrong in just the right way).

Hive was engineered to be light on CPU, and won’t slow you down while you work. But being “fast and simple” doesn’t mean we’ve sacrificed sound quality or creative control – Hive is packed with features, controls and enough flexibility to deliver stunning sounds.

Here are the official video demos:


  • Single page user interface
  • Over 3,000 presets
  • UI resize, from 70% to 200% in 10% steps
  • 3 synth engine characters (Normal, Dirty, Clean)
  • 2 main oscillators, 2 sub-oscillators
  • Up to 16x unison per oscillator
  • 2 multimode filters (LP, HP, BP, BR or Peak)
  • Flexible oscillator and filter routing
  • Solo buttons for individual oscillators and filters
  • Arpeggiator, step sequencer
  • 12-slot modulation matrix, 2 targets per slot
  • Drag & drop modulation assignment
  • Create, save and load individual panel presets
  • 7 quality effects, rearrange in any order
  • Global configuration overlays, including MIDI learn

Hive for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available now for US $149.

4 thoughts on “U-He Hive Synthesizer Now Available

  1. Hive is great! If I could only use one single synth it would be Hive! I played with a lot of virtual synths but H ive is the first synth that can offer it all. From super fat to super crisp. Compred to my hardware synths This is the first polysynth that has the right sound. Monark and Diva also sound super, but they are cpu killers with only one single voice!

    I also like the almost analog character of this digital synth. You can for example overdive the filter which causes a nice tone. It’s like a Stratocaster, it has a unique sound.

    And yes, I bought my copy 😉

  2. I saw a vid on youtube where the presenter said Hive has everything that Sylenth1 has and everything that you wished Sylenth1 could have!

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