OWOW Intros Five Minimal MIDI Instruments


OWOW has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the OWOW musical instruments – five minimal MIDI controllers.

Each of the five instruments is available in two versions:

  • The DVC series have a high-end aluminum case
  • The CRD series is a bare circuit board version of the DVCs series

Here is the official OWOW intro video:


  • Five instruments: wob, wiggle, drum, pads & scan
  • Two versions of each instrument: aluminum-cased DVC and bare circuit board CRD.
  • Plug & play, linking to any MIDI software
  • 3D files are available online to print your own casing for free.

The OWOW controllers are available to backers starting at 49 Euro.

14 thoughts on “OWOW Intros Five Minimal MIDI Instruments

  1. For crying out loud this is such a ripoff. Number one, you can get arduino plus distance sensor at much cheaper price, if you do not want to code or do not know how to cut and paste arduino code you can use, Icubex or Phiget board….

    And what about using leap motion?! 69 dollars last time I checked,,,,

  2. Looks neat. But seems expensive. What immediately came to my mind was getting my raspberry pi to do similar job. Various sensor can be had for pretty cheap. Just a matter of dealing with the midi side. I am sure someone has nailed that.

    Might give me something to do this weekend.

  3. None of them do much.

    I think I’ll wait for the $1.39 clones ppd from Alibaba. (Or all 5 for $5.56).

    Seriously though, $55 for a drum pad circuit board with 4 pads and no case, you are invited to print the case yourself or $112 with a case included. Ah, good luck with that guys.

  4. Good lord, that video was cringey!! Can’t imagine too many people will be rocking the Wob and Wiggle live, reminds me a bit of Wii Sports..

    These look like a great idea if you’ve completely ran out of ways to waste money and time 🙂

  5. Not my cup of tea, but I’m glad more and more minaturized controllers show up. Maybe at certain point someone will construct simplified MPC clone that fits into pocket… 🙂

    About price of this things, if quaility is right I don’t see issue here.

  6. Their seems to be some considerable planning and thoughtful engineering from the appearance of the pcbs, not to mention the design aspect. However that said, regardless of the price point, I find the controllers just too small.

  7. Hello Guys,

    This is PieterJan from OWOW,
    (not going to pretent I don’t read these comments)

    Thanks for the pos & negative comments,
    It’s hard to keep the price low, dealing with a lot of manufacturing/distribution/licenses and start up cost for the first time.

    We’re a very small team of young music/gear lovers and only applaud building your own Arduino/raspberry pie versions, we did it for years to, 🙂

    We hope to lower the price in the near future on next creations, when getting more experience,

    @Analone, if to cheap for you, we can make one with embedded diamonds for $1.000.000,- interested?
    @RabidBat, please send me the link of the alibaba clones once you have them, very helpfull

    thanks for the feedback


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