Novation LaunchPad Feature Overview Demo

Novation has published a short demo/feature overview of the revamped LaunchPad, with hardware performer / electronic music maker CALC.

The pads on the updated Launchpad integrate immediately with Ableton Live. Lit by RGB LEDS, the 64 pads match the colour of the user’s Live clips, to allow the user to see at a glance which clips are loaded, playing or recording.

The Novation Launchpad will be available later in June 2015, at a suggested retail price of $169.99. Find additional information on the Novation website.

12 thoughts on “Novation LaunchPad Feature Overview Demo

      1. Uh you are super wrong….
        “Launchpad Pro: Feature Overdrive

        Novation has taken their ubiquitous controller and brought on a number of features that go well beyond anything we’ve seen in a controller at this price range (the Pro will launch with a street price of just $299).

        -Enhanced full color RGB LED pads: The pads look better than ever on the new Pro – which match the color of your clips in Ableton Live

        -Pressure/Velocity Sensitivity: Each of the 64 pads send MIDI data based on how hard you hit the pads

        -More buttons: The Launchpad Pro incorporates 16 additional circle buttons, located on the left and bottom of the pad grid, allowing quick access to Live mixer and playback controls

        -Midi Output: The rear of the Pro now has MIDI ports, meaning you can run it out directly to hardware synths and play the instrument in Note Mode (more on that below)

        -Still Bus Powered: Despite all of the added features, the unit still manages to work under just bus power – there is an optional power adapter. It’s also class-compliant, making it suitable for iOS use.”

            1. Your monitor needs better resolution, definetly says “pad”. The pro does not come out until mid July, perfect for my birthday gift.
              The pro will be a game changer

  1. Buyer Beware!
    LaunchPad has no velocity or Poly Pressure, the LaunchPad PRO does. The Pro version can be identified by having round buttons on all 4 sides of the grid.

    1. More tips for the clueless:

      The Launchpad Pro isn’t available yet, and it will cost about twice as much when it does ship.

  2. i don’t get why they would even make one without velocity sens.
    other wise looks like a nice controller
    its a waste of there money.

    make one version call it the launch pad
    and be done with it.

    “pro” its not a macbook.
    people rather pay a little more and get better quality.

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