UVI Intros Relayer Precision Creative Delay For Mac, Windows


UVI has introduced Relayer – a ‘precision creative delay’ for Mac & Windows.

Relayer is designed to let you create ‘everything from basic delays to radical rhythmic multi-effects with speed, precision and natural musicality’. 

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Variable multi-tap delay (up to 32 lines) with extensive shaping controls
  • Per-tap modulation editors for Time, Gain, Pan, and 2 Multi-Effects
  • Visualizer helps you understand important settings at-a-glance
  • Intuitive interface for lightning-fast workflow
  • Input Gate for expressive playability

Here are the official audio demos:

Relayer is available now for Mac & Windows (VST, AU and AAX) for an introductory price of US $79, normally $129.

6 thoughts on “UVI Intros Relayer Precision Creative Delay For Mac, Windows

  1. This is a prime example of what a modern delay should be like, and shows what is possible when you stop trying to emulate decades old hardware!

    1. Hey Tomahawk,
      Not really, because since March 2014, you can now activate 1 UVI license on up to 3 concurrent computers if you want, pretty easy to manage with iLok License Manager 😉 (though iLok dongle remains supported as well, of course).

      1. Well, ealier today i installed RELAYER. When opening Ableton Live 9 i was asked to create an iLok account, i got this message telling me “i need to create an iLok account in order to ‘demo’ Relayer”. Anyhow, it would take one hell of an incredible ‘impossible to find anywhere’ plugin for me to use iLok again…

  2. Its a nice design for sure. I can relate to it as a result of using Delay Designer in Logic; they’re very similar. If this appeals to you, make sure to think of it as almost another synth, because it will require similar attention. A normal delay will do for most instrumental purposes, but when you start applying several taps with their own panning and EQ, its officially Sound Design. It can eat up a weekend, because its hypnotic fun. Tweaking several delays together carefully can give you a nice sort of reverb that’s not true reverb. Try that out as a useful added flavor.
    BTW, UVI has begun implementing online registration that doesn’t demand a dongle, so I feel more drawn to their tools, several of which gimme GAS. Give them some credit and another look. Studiologic’s Sledge VA was kinda MEH until they added some voices, a bit of user sampling and knocked $600 off the original price. I like to reward companies who get it right.

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