Chris Squire Of Yes Has Died

chris-squire-yesChris Squire, right, co-founder of the progressive rock band Yes, has died at the age of 67.

Christopher Russell Edward Squire (March 4, 1948-June 28, 2015) was a musician, songwriter and singer, best known as the bass guitarist and backing vocalist for Yes.

Squire had announced his hiatus from the band earlier in the year, after being diagnosed with acute erythroid leukemia.

Yes shared the news of Squire’s death via their Facebook page:

It’s with the heaviest of hearts and unbearable sadness that we must inform you of the passing of our dear friend and Yes co-founder, Chris Squire. Chris peacefully passed away last night in Phoenix Arizona.

For the entirety of Yes’ existence, Chris was the band’s linchpin and, in so many ways, the glue that held it together over all these years. Because of his phenomenal bass-playing prowess, Chris influenced countless bassists around the world, including many of today’s well-known artists. Chris was also a fantastic songwriter, having written and co-written much of Yes’ most endearing music, as well as his solo album, Fish Out of Water.

Outside of Yes, Chris was a loving husband to Scotty and father to Carmen, Chandrika, Camille, Cameron, and Xilan. With his gentle, easy-going nature, Chris was a great friend of many … including each of us. But he wasn’t merely our friend: he was also part of our family and we shall forever love and miss him.

In Yes, Squire performed with an amazing series of keyboardists, including Tony Kaye, Rick Wakeman, Patrick Moraz & Geoff Downes.

Here’s Squire and the 1991 Yes lineup, featuring both Tony Kaye & Rick Wakeman, performing Roundabout:

11 thoughts on “Chris Squire Of Yes Has Died

    1. Life just moves too fast. “Yes” was one of my major influences in the world of music as a drummer. “The Doctor”, may God rest his beautiful soul, was my driving force to play to their awesome music, as he was for “Yes”, that will live forever. I love you guys and Chris, thank you so much for your contribution to the greatest song writing and melodies to remember forever.

  1. Followed Yes since ’69 through the ups and downs of the band. Knew they were getting on in years but it is still a shock to hear of his passing. RIP Mr. Squire and a heartfelt THANKS

  2. Bummer. Rock music has lost one of its greatest bassists.

    Chris Squire was the only member of Yes to play on every Yes album, and he performed in every single Yes concert since the group formed in 1968.

  3. One of the most precision bass players to exist. This man was a machine. Reviews of his life don’t really show how prolific he was.

    I may be wrong here but along with Yes, and Solo, he worked with most of Trevor Horn’s produced material (Art of Noise, Seal, Frankie Goes to Hollywood (maybe)). It seems he was Trevor’s ‘go-to’ bassist. Also his bands Conspiracy, XYZ, and Esquire are not mentioned very often. He also did some writing and playing with Billy Sherwood’s band, World Trade, as well. Also, let us not forget the (imho) EXCELLENT Squackett album. He was the shining light of Yes, but just an incredible player all around.

    This man is beyond compare on his instrument. A great loss!

  4. Sad to hear of his passing yesterday, he was greatly influential as a bassist (as a bassist one of my influences). So many musical of my heroes are getting on in years, sad to see them go.

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