MiniMod Brings Classic Minimoog Model D Sound To Eurorack


AJH Synth has introduced “Dark Edition” MiniMod modules – Eurorack synth modules based on the circuits of the classic Moog Minimoog Model D.

Company head Allan “J” Hall brought the new MiniMod modules to the Cymru Beats modular meet in Cardiff, Wales, and demonstrated them for Nick Batt of Sonic State:

The “Dark Edition” MiniMod modules are now in production, joining their existing line, which features traditional silver Eurorack styling. Both variants share the same classic Minimoog analog circuit designs.

Here’s what Hall has to say about the MiniMod:

We have recreated what was probably the most epic and fattest sounding portable monophonic synthesizer of all time and adapted it to Eurorack modular synthesizer format.

First and foremost the MiniMOD had to replicate the sound of the vintage Model D as closely as possible, so we have used exactly the same internal circuitry and every module runs at the same internal signal and control voltage levels as the original.

Here are the official MiniMod audio demos:

The MiniMod is based on the circuitry of the very early R A Moog Mk1 Minimoog model –  with its unique VCO design, the core of which uses discrete transistors only. The transistor ladder VCF is also based on the early design, which uses fully matched transistors throughout.

Less than 300 Mk1 Model D’s were built with this very early VCO design, out of a total of around 17,000 which were produced between 1970 and 1981.

MiniMod Eurorack modules comprise separate VCO, VCF, VCA, Dual Contour and Glide/Noise for maximum flexibility so that they can be easily integrated into a larger Eurorack format Modular synthesizer. All of the modules can be used independently in a Eurorack system.

MiniMod modules are available in two styles, Vintage Black or Classic Silver. They are electrically identical, only the cosmetics are different.

Here are some of the extra features that have been included:

  • VCO: – added External Sync (2 Types), Linear and Exponential Modulation, fully adjustable PWM instead of fixed pulse widths and voltage controlled PWM.
  • VCF: – added Voltage Controlled Emphasis using a vactrol and an extra overdrive capability, switchable using an internal jumper.
  • VCA: – added voltage control for each individual VCA (yes, the original design had two VCA’s in series!), along with an overdrive capability, switchable using an internal jumper.
  • Dual Contour: – added individual manual trigger buttons for both envelopes and envelope status LED’s
  • Glide + Noise: – added glide up only and glide down only modes in addition to the standard glide mode. We have also increased the range of the glide from the original 44 notes to 5 octaves.


A full MiniMod system would comprise 3 x VCO, 1 x VCF, 1x VCA, 1 x Dual Contour, 1 x Glide-Noise. This will take up 84hp of Eurorack space, so it will fit into 3U of rack space with a suitable Eurorack frame and power supply.

The AJH Synth MiniMod Eurorack modules are available now, priced starting at £155. See the company’s site for details.

9 thoughts on “MiniMod Brings Classic Minimoog Model D Sound To Eurorack

  1. If there were something to get me to go Eurorack it would be modules like this. I already have a Mos-Lab system though, so I have the Moog sound. At least the Moog modular sound. The Minimoog is something different.

    And for those who are wondering, the standard setup of these modules would come out to 2241.23 US Dollars. That is 3 VCOs, 1 Filter, 1 Contour Generator(Contains 2 envelopes), 1VCA, and 1 Glide+Noise.

  2. It bothers me, when a company like this goes to such lengths and Nick Batt asks if they have other reboots down the pipeline. This has barely seen daylight and people are already craving for something else.
    This is very much indicative of the insatiable appetite synth heads have.

      1. Hi Nick, I love you man, but it’s a bit like having lunch at someone’s house and ask
        ‘what’s for dinner”? This product is indeed bloody amazing I must add.

  3. hm.. this could be a way of not having to build a mini myself from scratch. I know about at least one company making replacement boards for the mini, but I don’t think they’ve got the osc (at least at the moment). I cand solder a board – however – I don’t trust my skills in making the necessary adjustments to make a good osc. Having had a look at the AJH-modules I see some mods that needs to be done.. fixed square wave widths for one.. I’m a keyboard player – wanting a new mini as close to the one I used to own years ago – the new features are cool, but they’re not for me. (I sold my RA Moog Minimoog back in the 80’s for $380 – don’t laugh.. it’s the sadest thing.. ((giggle))

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