Hands-On With The Meeblip Synthesizer


Peter Kirn recently visited synth über-store SchneidersBuero Berlin to give a demo of the Meeblip Anode, an inexpensive open-hardware hybrid synthesizer.

The video below features Kirn introducing the Anode, with help from owner Andreas Schneider:

Schneider & Kirn use two Meeblip Anode synths. One is connected to a Future Retro Zillion step sequencer. The other one is getting bass lines from Schneider’s XBase09.

The Meeblip Anode is a joint project of James Grahame (blipsonic) and Peter Kirn (CDM). For more info on it, see the Meeblip site.

3 thoughts on “Hands-On With The Meeblip Synthesizer

  1. Fantastic grits to this. Best digital I’ve ever heard, like somehow nipping at the heals of the gnarliest of shaggy Moog tones.

  2. Cool to see the Future Retro Zillion sequencer in this video. I didn’t realize it was quite that small. It’s on my gear watch list.

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