Cruise to the Edge ‘Prog Cruise’ Plans Events To Benefit Bob Moog Foundation

cruise-to-the-edgeCruise to the Edge, a progressive rock cruise, which sails from November 15-19, 2015, will feature a massive line up of classic and modern prog bands.

The cruise will also feature two events to benefit the non-profit Bob Moog Foundation.

The five-night cruise will feature multiple stages of progressive rock music, from Yes, Marillion, Allan Holdsworth & 25+ bands.

Two events during the cruise will support the Foundation:

  • First, the Cruise will hold a raffle for a Minimoog synthesizer, signed by a host of legendary progressive rock artists. Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the cruise and a winner will be drawn at the end of the journey.
  • Second, a one-of-a-kind silent auction, replete with instruments, audio gear, historic memorabilia, and more, will take place on the final day of the cruise.

Proceeds from the raffle and silent auction will be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation in support of its projects.

Details on the cruise are available at the Cruise To The Edge site.


6 thoughts on “Cruise to the Edge ‘Prog Cruise’ Plans Events To Benefit Bob Moog Foundation

  1. I volunteer to take one for the team and cover this for Synthtopia.

    Please arrange for my ticket and travel webmaster.

  2. Bloody NEKTAR is still kicking? Wow, that’s good news. Prog bands in particular seem to have traded or just plain lost members a lot, sometimes a la Spinal Tap. Its a style I loved for a long time and still enjoy in places. I’m reading master percussionist Bill Bruford’s autobiography and its an interesting bit of history, seeing how everyone coped with real setbacks or fragile egos and still made great music. Sure, some of it sounds overblown, but it can also be a lesson in proficiency. I hope the cruise bands have fun. I don’t envy the bassist who has to fill Chris Squire’s shoes, especially so soon after his death. BTW, Bruford was a big early proponent of Simmons e-drums, but after the rig fizzed out (again) before a big show, he just about trashed them the way Wakeman allegedly set fire to a Mellotron and for similar reasons. These guys are heroes in part because that they took it in the teeth with the new technology so we could have OctaPads & stable synths today. They deserve a cruise. 😛

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