Oval Controller Meets Modular Eurorack + Ableton Live


The demos we seen previously for the new Oval MIDI controller have focused on using it as an electronic hand pan.

In the video below, PauK explores using the Oval controller in a more experimental context, using it with a Eurorack system & Ableton Live:

Technical Details:

In the video PauK plays the Eurorack Modular synthesizer via Expert Sleepers Silent Way and some Max4Live patches, running in Ableton Live.

He has also a DJTechtools Midi Fighter Twister to control parameters in the patches.

The Oval is a class compliant USB MIDI controller, being funded via a KickStarter campaign. The campaign is fully funded, but organizers have announced a stretch goal: when the campaign reaches 300%, The Oval will include also a DIN 5 MIDI out cable to connect to any midi system, via USB or DIN5.

3 thoughts on “Oval Controller Meets Modular Eurorack + Ableton Live

  1. Unfortunately, this video has shown no expressivity he’s talking about. For this kind of playing he could use any non-velocity sensitive midi keyboard. I’ve expected at least velocity to be mapped to filter cutoff, or something else to justify using Oval with hardware modular synth. Previous videos had much more musicality.

  2. I been seeing a lot of people using ableton. Is this the easiest for beginners, or what is a good place to start? My blog is for beginners and I would like to know your feelings! Thanks for any response and cool video.

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