Harrison Audio Releases Mixbus 3 DAW


Harrison Audio has announced the release of their Mixbus Version 3 DAW. Mixbus 3 and the Harrison suite of plugins are derived from the company’s analog and digital console processing technology.

In the new version, support for unlimited MIDI tracks & virtual instruments has been added along with multi-core and 64-bit optimizations that provide increased track counts across all OS platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux).  Mixbus 3’s third-generation Harrison True Analog Mixing processing engine has been updated with enhanced compressor/limiter algorithms, built-in side-chain bussing, and increased flexibility for AU, VST, and LV2 plugin input/output configurations.

Mixbus 3 also includes many workflow and operational upgrades, and a refined graphical interface. A brand-new virtual instrument, “SetBfree”, modeled on the famous Hammond B3 organ is included. Over 50 ‘MIDI filter’ plugins, including functions such as transposing, velocity scaling, etc have also been added, along with experimental support for video timeline, video window, and audio+video exports.

Harrison has also announced a new Mixbus “Plugged-In” Membership program to coincide with the release of Version 3. Full details are available on the Harrison website.

Ben Loftis, Mixbus project manager says, “Mixbus is the only DAW that is optimized for an analog console mixing approach – allowing an engineer to use Harrison DSP for EQ, compression and tape saturation without the need for plugin windows.  All of the tools that engineers need or use most often are readily available in the default mixer window of Mixbus.”

Here is a more in-depth look at the capabilities of Mixbus 3:


Pricing and Availability.  Mixbus 3 is now available for $ 79 from the Harrison Online Store. More information can be found at the company website.

4 thoughts on “Harrison Audio Releases Mixbus 3 DAW

  1. I bought version 2 a couple of years ago and could not get it to work on my Mac. They were very good about trying to solve the problem. I spent hours sending them files and uninstalling and reinstalling stuff. They ended up refunding my purchase with a promise to figure out the problem and get back with me when they worked it out.

    I never did hear back. That is a real shame because I really wanted it to work.

    It appears that most of those super cool plugins that are shown in the demo video are not included with the Mixbus. On their website it looks like they have to be bought separately.

    1. I got the 2 on mac and it’s working for me. Too bad you didn’t got it working. It is a bit heavy and strange, I use it mainly for finishing my project, mixing stems, and for me, it’s kind of magic. Eq, compressors and tape saturation for that quality at such a low price!!
      I don’t have expensive plugins to compare it though.
      All their nice plugins are not included, I think if you buy everything you’ll end up paying like other daws.

  2. It’s a shame that they still don’t have a demo. As a hobbyist, it would be nice to try it out before buying.

  3. bought it 2 days ago… have been looking for a new DAW… currently use Protools 10 started with version 7… tried Logic, Live, reaper and finally Mixbus.

    Editing is extreme fast and easy on Protools, I will continue tracking and editing audio in PT, however mixbus has a nice final mix orientation. assigning Busses, I/O, and plug-ins is easier here than PT; everything is already laid out. It really feels like a mixer that you control with a mouse, not a DAW. I’ve been using it to mix a song… I’m liking what I’m hearing so far.

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