Moog Theremini Gets Unofficial iPad Patch Editor, ThereMIDI


Kai Aras has introduced ThereMIDI– a unofficial iPad patch editor and controller for the Moog Theremini.

Features include:

  • Patch Editor:
    ThereMIDI allows full real-tim control of the following parameters:

    • VCO waveform, transpose, wavetable scan rate and more
    • VCF cutoff frequency, resonance, filter type and key tracking
    • Various modulations
    • Advanced delay controls including effect mix, delay time and feedback
    • Store and load presents on your iOS device
    • Store presets to your theremini
  • Modulator:
    ThereMIDI comes with a built in 16-step mod sequencer. Sequence filter cutoff, resonance type, pitch and more.
  • Midi Converter:
    In this mode, ThereMIDI converts CC data into MIDI notes, making it possible to use the Theremini to play other synths. Includes a built-in quantizer, with a variety of scales.

ThereMIDI is available for US $4.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used ThereMIDI, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

3 thoughts on “Moog Theremini Gets Unofficial iPad Patch Editor, ThereMIDI

  1. Wonderful, opens up my theromini finally, a lot better than the official moog editor, I just have troubles getting the note off/on information to control my other apps? Maybe a walk through clip might help

      1. Hi! Did you join my FB page “Theremini mon amour”? Not yet? Hope you’re gonna do that soon! But please, i’ve an important question: i have an iPad Pro 2017 with Lightning connections, i bought Kai’s Theremidi (and MIDIBrute for my Arturia’s Minibrute too…), but iPad doesn’t recognize neither one neither the other one when i plug them. On Theremidi it says “no MIDI device connected”, on MIDIBrute it says that there is not enough power to connect them….Please, what should i do?
        Thanks in advance,
        Francesco De Ficchy

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