20 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge Now Available For Analog Rytm

    1. I never joined the haters. I waited quiet and patient – even if it was that hard for me. Even if it was disappointing at some times. But I knew you’ll keep your promises. And I knew that it would be mind blowing. And now: it works so fine. I really love it. Most epic OS Update? Definitely! Thanks elektron. I love them so much – I had to buy me an Octatrack too last week.

  1. Also thrown into the deal is Audio Unit support, and it now can save presets to the synth’s +Drive. For better or worse it means it’s far, far more fun to make patches and kits via computer than the endless menu diving.

  2. By far the most impressive usage of over bridge thus far. Have to hand it to electron. These guys are pushing the game forward. Innovation in a big way. The blend between analog and digital seems to be done in an extremely useful and well thought-out way. Elektron. Keep it up 😉

  3. Nice Elektron, but how about the older products? (We need some updates on OS and people has posted lots of wishes on the Elektronauts, but you seems to ignore them…)

    1. Overbridge has been people’s top request since it was announced, by far. So it is no wonder that they prioritize development of it.

          1. Overbridge is free, Octa Edit is definitely not free.
            Also, I’ve heard Rusty say numerous times his low opinion of the current state of the Octatrack OS….

  4. On a late 2011 MBP, 4g ram, SSD drive,
    Overbridge still crackles with 4 input tracks and Stereo Master inputs at 16 bit, 256 buffer size.
    Analog Four will freeze occasionally with Overbridge, and in general the software is still very buggy and not all things work.
    Not sure why somethings are the way they are.
    The plug in streams audio, but if you want individual out’s you dont use the plug in.
    So if I want to use the plug in for the GUI, and record individual outs, I am streaming double the audio, and just muting the plug in. That makes no since to me.

    I’m one of those guys who got into Elektron stuff to build a hub that wasn’t based around a computer.
    Overbridge is NOT pulling me back in.
    I guess the GUI is nice, but It’s not any more interesting to me than using my Elektrons standalone.

    When trying to use Overbridge I am reminded of the things I hate the most about computers.
    Software tech is pushing processing power beyond it’s ability, making it feel like swimming in mud.

    Out side of all the crakling, it does sound pretty good.

    I love my Elektron boxes, not sure what all the hype is on Overbridge though.

    1. I knew obtaining a dedicated audio interface would lead to my not having sufficient funds for this, eventually. Not even the most reluctantly satisfying expectation of this will I allow myself to enjoy, therefore.

    2. lol, u seriously posting about bugs on this page?? It’s a beta. Fill out a bug report and if you don’t enjoy contributing to the dev team, then just wait for the final product.

      As for “software is pushing processing power beyond its ability”. If that’s the case, good. That’s what we want, bc hardware is upgraded at a laughable rate. In 98% of cases software can’t even begin to touch the capabilities of the latest/greatest hardware. In your case, you have a 4 year old computer. That’s pretty old for a computer. You are trying to run a completely brand new, innovative application (in beta). This shouldn’t be all that surprising.

      1. What JuanSOLO wrote was an honest personal opinion about his experiences including facts that allow us to understand his perspective and workflow when considering how to consume his opinion and apply it to our own situation. I appreciate this.

        What Zappos did was laugh at someone, belittle their contribution, and provide one useless pseudo fact.

        What I did was point out what a majority of people think when they read the onslaught of rubbish posted on these type of forums.

        I now await the inevitable reply of Zappos which will surely lack the self reflection and humility his first post so desperately needed.

        1. *sigh*

          First, let me apologize for leading the post with “lol”. That probably made it come off as arrogant. That was not my intention. But, for someone requesting humility from another.. they seem quite sure of themselves and what others think:

          “What I did was point out wha the majority of people think…”

          Did not realize you spoke for the majority of people here. I only speak for myself and my opinion is very likely rubbish. And I am okay with that. I accept my ignorance with full humility despite what you may think. But, I am entitled to an opinion myself. Though, next time I will try not to lead on the wrong foot with something like “lol”.

          I fully appreciate anyones opinion. And I’ll be the first to challenge/critize a technology if it’s warranted. I just don’t agree with bashing something that is beta that can and most likely will be fixed come the full release. It is unfair to the developers and those who read through this thread not realizing that the product is *not finished*. If one wanted to talk about the overall usefulness (or lack thereof) of overbridge, that is fine. Though, again, the product is not finished. But for the most part we know the other features to come. And in that regard I’m willing to offer what I believe is a fair count-opinion to jaunSOLO when he states:

          “not sure what all the hype is on Overbridge though”

          I think there are many useful features in overbridge. The most valuable for me is probably the fact that my elektron hardware can integrate with my DAW in the same way a VST can. The integration between analog and digital (or more specifically my DAW) is truly impressive and groundbreaking imo. I can tweak up something on my elektron box that is for a specific project in Ableton, and then recall those setting when I open the project (this is a feature not yet implemented, but will be in the future.. again, this is the beta stage). Creating automation inside my DAW is incredibly easy and just like using any other VST. With overbridge I’m essentially getting the best of both worlds. I have the power, sound, tactile nature of analog with the flexibility/ease/versatility of a plugin. Another feature I find useful is the ability to quickly and intuitively make scenes/performances on my AR with the plugin GUI. It’s so much faster and takes away the mundane menu-diving. In the same sense, it allows for the manipulating and shaping the sound not only very quickly but in a different, more visual way. I believe this lends true value to learning your machine and even if you were to discontinue the use of overbridge, a couple days using the plug-in can really help you to think of your machine in a different way. For me, it allows a more “cohesive, high-level” conceptual understanding of the machine. This is a great value to me. There, of course are other values to this technology, such as being able to interface with your machine without the need for an ADC. This allows me to bring my Analog Rytm, my laptop and a usb. That’s it. My DAW can interface with my analog gear. When at home, this allows me to have anther 2 audio-in channels available on my audio interface.

          Look I understand if someone works in a different way then me and finds these features less useful (or useless). But to me, if you are a gear head and enjoy using physical/analog devices AND you also use a DAW to do your mixing/recording, the value of overbridge is kind of a no-brainer (to me). If your not a big DAW person and you prefer to stay “out of the box” then I suppose overbridge probably won’t give you much.

          But just to be sure I don’t come across as a complete arrogant a-hole (as it seems Stoss received me). I apologize for the laughing, it was unnecessary and upon re-reading that post, it does wreck of “d-bag”. It was typed and posted. It probably should’ve been proof-read. But, again, I don’t agree with negatively criticizing a feature of a beta project that will likely be remedied in the near future (in a forum such as this one). I understand had that been posted on a thread for describing issues found in the product so developers could fix them. But on a forum such as this it could potentially tarnish the application/product/company for someone who is unfamiliar with the full details of the situation. Comments such as those belong in a bug report, in my opinion. And, yes, thats all it is.. an opinion.

  5. I started reading the comments and thought yay at last some positive Elektron vibes!

    …and got to the end and found myself in the middle of yet another spat … always the same with these Elektron guys, the forum is the same! Despite my best efforts to keep things positive there I ended up having to leave because I kept getting dragged into pointless arguments! I’d then be berated for whining about the whiners hehe – so ridiculous it’s beyond absurd! I hang around elsewhere now (not saying where for fear of attracting those same folks over there too) and it is much much nicer!

    A shame really because Elektron themselves and the machines they make and yes Overbridge too, are all amazing and I love them dearly 🙂

    To hopefully bring this discussion back round to some nice positive vibes – well done Elektron, you have shown the world something completely new and revolutionary, keep up the great work and don’t give up – I like the other posters at the beginning of this discussion have faith that you will make good!!

  6. Love the ob, works is simple and so effective. Also I’m with baddcr I’ve left the page for the same reasons

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