AudioBus Now Twice As Cool, With Audiobus Remote

Audiobus developers today released a new product, Audiobus Remote, that lets you use a second iOS device as a control screen for your Audiobus sessions.

Here’s an example of Remote in action with Holderness FX:

Here’s an example of Audiobus Remote being used with Sector:

Audiobus Remote uses Bluetooth LE, so it requires:

  • iPad 3 or newer;
  • iPad Mini or newer;
  • iPhone 4s or newer; or
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation or newer devices.

To use Audiobus Remote:

  • Start it for the first time, and simply hold it near your other iPad or iPhone running Audiobus.
  • The two devices will pair , and you’ll see the apps running on your Audiobus device appear on Audiobus Remote’s control surface.
  • You will see all the Audiobus Connection Panel controls you’re used to, including app switching, transport and record controls.

Apps can also define Remote Triggers, providing access to app-specific functions within Audiobus Remote

For example:, Remote Triggers can be used to

  • Record or toggle individual loops in Loopy HD.
  • Trigger drum samples in DM-1.
  • Move between presets in Bias FX and JamUp.
  • Change program and adjust effect controls in Holderness Media’s effects apps including Johnny and Caramel.
  • Trigger individual sections in Sector, and switch modes.

This doubles your screen real estate, while letting you stay focused on one app in your primary device.

You can see a list of apps that have been updated to support Remote Triggers at the Audiobus site.

Audiobus Remote is available now for US $4.99. Audiobus and two Bluetooth LE compatible iOS devices are required.

If you’ve given this a try, leave a comment and let us know how you’re using it and how it’s working for you!

8 thoughts on “AudioBus Now Twice As Cool, With Audiobus Remote

  1. He mentions it is great for older devices – though it requires iOS 8.3. What the heck – I still use my iPad2, wont upgrade over 7 and am not planning to upgrade. Probably then it could only work as a remote.

    1. It doesn’t work on an iPad 2 anyhow, no matter which iOS version you have… as the iPad 2 doesn’t support Bluetooth LE..

      iPad 3 or higher is required.. as explained in the video.

      1. He mentioned that indeed. But at appstore one could easily read out that it will also work on iPad2. Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

  2. question to everyone..

    how is using the ipad mini for music production apps.
    obviously the ipad air is nicer with more screen but , was interested in the mini.

    wanted to get some opinions.


    1. The mini is totally fine. Almost as fast as the Air and a nice form factor still lots bigger than even an iPhone 6 plus.

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