Steinberg Discontinues Cubase iC Pro For Android, iOS Version Lives On

Steinberg announced today that it has discontinued Cubase iC Pro for Android, the Android version of its tablet control app for Cubase:cubase-ic-pro-android-discontinued

After careful evaluation, we now need to inform you about the discontinuation of our remote control app, Cubase iC Pro, for the Android platform since the current available solution does not match the high standards we have set ourselves.

Existing customers have the option to use the product without any restrictions or are eligible to download an unsupported Cubase iC Pro for Android public beta version that provides full compatibility with Android 5.0 operating systems.

The iOS version of Cubase iC Pro continues to be available in the App Store. Steinberg says ‘We will continue to monitor the Android operating system and may release further products for the Android platform at a later stage.’

3 thoughts on “Steinberg Discontinues Cubase iC Pro For Android, iOS Version Lives On

  1. Wait…Congress had discontinued support for Cubase on android too? Noooooooooo!

    Or do you mean “living up to high standards” bahahahahaha.

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