This Is How Moog Sold Synthesizers In 1971 – ‘The Sound Of Moog’

This YouTube video, via Adrian Täckman, captures the audio from a vintage 1971 Moog Music demonstration record, The Sound Of Moog.

The 40+ year-old disc captures how Moog demonstrated their modular studio synthesizer for potential buyers and offers a contemporary perspective on how they positioned the synth.



7 thoughts on “This Is How Moog Sold Synthesizers In 1971 – ‘The Sound Of Moog’

  1. Now THIS is professional radio-voice narration.

    Not sure when this style died out (1980-ish, when these 50’s voiceover guys had mostly retired?), but we’re now left only with youthy marketing bros that speak in a fake-humble ironic tone, who always kick things off with a “hey,” and then find themselves saying, “listen to this phat supersaw. Nice.”

    Everyone used to be 47 years old, it was great.

  2. It is telling that they had to convince customers that the synthesizer was an actual instrument. They really stress the performance aspect in this.

    Pretty cool. And I can tell it’s vintage just like the Roland 1m video because of the vinyl noise.

    1. I find it hard to listen to vinyl, it is all noise, crackle and pop over an overly compressed sound – a media invented for people that like noise. We found a bunch of vinyl the other day, good quality early 70’s discs – I was enjoying the sound but the noise was awful coming from the system – in the end I found the tracks online and played them from there.

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