20 thoughts on “Synthesizers.com Synth Rig Tour & Demo

  1. Loved this. Mr Averil looks like he’s having a lot of fun and his enthusiasm is infections.

    Also – the camera work was surprisingly good for one of these private user demos. I wonder if he’s involved with video work, too, because the camera movement and multi-angle views were very nicely done.

    Plus – monstersynth!

    1. Yeah, the movement of the camera is surprisingly effective in diminishing that staleness that is typical of YouTube demo stuff like this.

  2. Tilted keyboard stands are winning. I made my own out of wood to get a similar tilt. It’s sooo much more comfortable. I hope some manufacturers begin to make it a common feature.

    1. * * meant to write upwards tilted. – the one to the left. Some stands that tilt can go up but wont hold a keyboard upside down like that.

    1. The synth is $12,000, about the difference between a new and a used car; $60 a week for 4 years. Priorities. Personally, the more time I spend on music the less other stuff I need.

    2. It’s rare to see a professional musician – or even just one that does a lot of gigging or recording – that doesn’t have this sort of investment in gear.

      A good drum set will cost you 5K, Decent guitars start at around $1k and just go up from there – and most guitarists will gig with several and have a similar investment in pedals and amps. And classical instruments are even more serious dollars.

      Gigging musicians typically make smarter investments in their gear, too. Hobbyists will tend $1000/year on music toys or gear that’s really limited,

      People that gig or do serious recording are more likely to save a little longer and buy gear that’s pro quality, because they know it will work better and keep its value better.

    3. A job? btw, you don’t need a $12K rig to make these sounds. You can start with $1.5K-$2K worth of modules and you’re off!

  3. I’d love to see this, but $#@! FLASHPLAYER is driving me away with its endless updates and clear interference. Could you PLEASE use HTML5 and stop loading me down with a totally buggy and outdated utility? I am just walking away from sites that stop me cold with Flash links that just freeze or only play the audio. Adobe sucks quite hard. More people need to delete them for this crap, which also stops me from buying anything from Adobe. When you get update notices 3x in a week, that’s a really bad sign. They are clearly NOT fixing Flash at all and its getting worse.

    1. Fungo – not sure what your configuration is, but when I’ve tested videos on the site with Flash disabled, the site appears to load fine and the Youtube videos work fine, too.

      To verify this – I tested this page with Firefox with Flash disabled on a Windows PC and did not encounter any problems.

      1. My configuration was very suddenly ham salad. The last update made things go south, so I had to delete and re-load a bit to fix it. If software was something you could beat with a stick, I’d acquire a tough one for those stormy days. Thanks for the pointers.

  4. FINALLY got it sussed after way too much wrestling. I stand by what I said about Flash Player. I’d like to shoot it in the face as if we were in a Quentin Tarantino western.

    OK, enough grousing. 😀 I could never position my actual keys like that, but Steve’s enthusiasm is sure infectious. I love the iPad in the upper right hand corner of the modular. It almost seems cockeyed, but look at it work all the same, eh? I love it when someone bridges various seeming gaps in tools and approaches like this. You can smell the fun. Listen to the guy cook on a Nord…


  5. Thank you all for your comments.
    I am having more fun with this than you can imagine.

    I did mess up the kick track in the editing. It’s been bothering me to so I wen back and looked at the track alignment with the snare track. It is clearly off. It looks like I nudged it and missed in in the final mix.

    I am still experimenting with the keyboard positions. It’s growing on me. A little uncomfortable but helps the presentation I think. A bit like wearing your guitar below your waist.

    Camera work is thanks to Louise Hernstedt and our famous CamRaker boom rig.

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