Tangible Instruments Intros Arpeggio Monophonic Synthesizer


Tangible Instruments has officially introduced Arpeggio, a new portable virtual analog monophonic synthesizer, arpeggiator and sequencer.


  • Create and save sequences seamlessly during play.
  • Classic up, up-down, down, down-up, & random arpeggiator modes.
  • Chain together up to 512 user created arpeggio patterns.
  • Internal 2-oscillator virtual analog monophonic synth.
  • Adjust note lengths and add rests into your sequence.
  • USB, 1/4″ & 1/8″ audio out, MIDI in/out, CV/gate out.
  • Gate in/out for syncing to analog gear.
  • Control external hardware and software synths.
  • High quality internal speaker.
  • AC & battery powered. Make melodies anywhere!

Here are the official audio demos:

Pricing and availability is still to be announced. See the Tangible Instruments site for details.

25 thoughts on “Tangible Instruments Intros Arpeggio Monophonic Synthesizer

  1. Wow. Check out the sexy machining teasers on YouTube. Is it me or do they look like solid blocks of metal, because here they look like plastic.

    1. It appears that the first teaser is the base plate, the second machining teaser is a mold for casting the “keys”, and the third 3D printing teaser is the rest of the case. It’s all prototyping stuff.

  2. Sounds bad? Doesn’t sound much different from many other synths. The overall user experience is what sells gear like this. And the price.

  3. “Pricing and availability is still to be announced”
    My comments and interest are also still to be announced– if I have not been distracted in the meanwhile by a new synth teaser tomorrow….

    1. Per their Facebook: “We are aiming to retail for $199 USD. Crowdfunding campaign will have some early bird specials!”

      1. The plot thickens: I need to read the Comments on their Teaser to learn that I must Follow them on Facebook to find out about Earlybird Specials in their Crowdfunding Campaign!
        Hmm, an arpeggio of marketing methods….

    1. We’ve got some more interesting demos on the way. Stay tuned. We wanted to release some simple one that demonstrate basic functionality first because not everyone is a “synth person” and we are trying to appeal to more musicians. We want more people to play electronic musical instruments!

  4. I don’t see the point the point of this, it sounds crappy and why would you spend 200 on this when you could get a Volca for cheaper.

    1. Thanks for asking! Arpeggio is an advanced monophonic sequencer/arpeggiator hybrid which contains a digital VA synth. It enables you to create and save hundreds of advanced melodic compositions. KORG Volca series are analog synthesizers. Arpeggio and the Volca series are designed to do different things.

  5. Its interesting for sure. Seems a definite requirement for all these new synths like Erebus/Boomstars. You hardly need 37 keys for each mono box you own. And it sounds like a useable tone. Like having enough mayo on a sandwich.

  6. I can see using this to control a Volca. The Volcas sequencing is pretty limited. This caught my eye:
    “Create and save sequences seamlessly on the fly”

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but I truly hate all so called “start-up” projects…
    Btw; It sounds just like it looks… I can think of at least 4 dozen iPad apps that do a better job for the price of coffee 😉

  8. it is interesting…the times we live in, not this product. What is this decade: sustainability, crowd funding, open source, the web of things, the cloud, 3-D printing, the singularity, the evil multinational, GMO, organic, everybody wanting to get married, pivots, the east is anti-west, the world is anti-us…we got what we wished for with electronic music being recognised, the bad thing is it’s the bros and spears/hiltons/kardashions (read:the flavor of the times women we love to hate but are oh so facsinated by) who recognise it in the form of EDM & Dubstep wobble wobble.

    …shit, i miss the eighties, most things were cut and dry

    …i almost forgot: stems and workflow

    and Not-for-Profit because it sounds so righteous

    and Apple becoming the monster that they played themselves out to be against in that 1984 commercial

    wickie wickie

    1. Yes Arpeggio has a transpose mode to shift the sequence up and down by either selecting a note from the built in one octave keyboard, a whole octave by turning the octave knob or by playing a note on an external MIDI controller. We will be updating the website soon to provide some more detail on the functionality.

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