Fusion Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam, via Manuele Montesanti aka Drift-Lab, is a fusion jam that features the sounds of the Yamaha Reface CS and DX.

Here’s what he has to say about the jam:

Hi Guys! i’m very excited because “Metrics” is the second song by Drift-Lab my music project!

In this video there are 3 unbelievable musician friends: Demo Morselli on Trumpet, Cristiano Micalizzi on Drums and Mario Guarini on Bass…and Me! on the keyboards and synthesizers ;)!

Of course in my new setup there are the new “Yamaha Refaces” (in this song only the “Reface CS” and “DX” with “Yamaha Cp40”).

Thank’s to my friend Carlo Castellano “Ceo and Genius” of “Audiothing.net” In this song my Reface DX is processed from the plug-in “Fog Convolver” (is unbelievable convolution reverb!!!!) I hope you like it!

13 thoughts on “Fusion Synth Jam

  1. That’s an outstanding piece of music and it neatly settles the question of how useful or practical a Reface instrument is. The answer is “In capable hands like these, its a keyboard-enhanced module that earns its salt.” An all-around thumbs-up to Drift-Lab. I especially enjoyed the more dense last minute or so. Can you say “Balance?” 😀

  2. Nice product placement stunt of the Yamaha® Europe team. Manuele is a booth player for Yamaha. Synthtopia should mention that this could actually be a paid advertisement.

    1. Clever. Manuele should also say he is Employed by Yamaha
      for 11 years, I see on LinkedIn. So, not using Yamaha Reface by his
      choice then….

      1. May be using them by his choice…but did he have to pay ~$400-500 for each of them, or did he get promo hardware?
        Either way, it does not detract from the music production 🙂

  3. To show some guy making good music with a reface is more like a rolling with a punch than anything…

    The video, which is probably a purposeful marketing tool, shows more than anything what a great musician is capable of with less than pro gear.

    The video leaves me more impressed with Montesanti than with the reface boards.

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