SuperByte 2015 Chiptune + Low-tech Arts Festival Returns To Manchester In September

SuperByte is a celebration of all things DIY and lo-fi, where nostalgia takes a back seat and forward-thinking creativity is encouraged through limitation.

SuperByte 2015 – a ‘Chiptune, Low-Tech & 8-Bit Arts Festival – returns to Manchester, UK this year for its fourth installment.

SuperByte has risen to prominence over the last three years as one of the most important events on the international chiptune calendar.

The festival launched in 2012 as a one-day chiptune and retro gaming event and featured performances from the likes of Henry Homesweet and Chipzel. Having grown considerably over the last three years, the main performances of the 2015 edition will take place at Manchester’s The Zoo, with other activities and fringe events being held in various venues around the city.

There’ll be retro gaming expos and competitions, art exhibitions, circuit bending stalls and workshops for making music on various old-school gaming consoles.


Over the last three events, attendees have had access to classes on making music with LSDj for the Game Boy, KORG DS-10 for the DS and maxYMiser for the Atari ST.

This year, there will be another LSDj class, a Super Nintendo music production demo and a workshop on chiptune post-production, each from seasoned veterans of the chiptune world.

SuperByte offers an opportunity to get up close and personal with musicians and VJs, as they use vintage gaming consoles to create audio and visual performances.

SuperByte 2015 will take place from September 10th to 13th. The lineup includes US chipmusic icons IAYD, Danimal Cannon and minusbaby; Australian demoscene legend cTrix; home-grown UK talent such as chiptune prog-rock band, For Astronauts & Satellites and the enigmatic VJ Entter.

Full details, line-ups and tickets are available from the official website.

Photo credits: Iain Farrell

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Joe E. Allen is a music journalist and founder of netlabel, Pterodactyl Squad. All the music on his label is made using video game sound chips or inspired by the sounds of games from years gone by, and it’s all free. Find them online at:

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