PD Pulp Puts PureData Patches Into A VST


This video, via Oliver Greschke, introduces PD Pulp – a VST plugin (created with JUCE & libpd), that lets you import your own Vanilla PureData files and use them as a VST:

Pure Data (aka Pd) is an open source visual programming language, designed for https://github.com/logsol/JuceLibPd/releasesprocessing and generating sound and graphics.

A Mac OS X build of PD Pulp is available via gitHub, along with source code.

4 thoughts on “PD Pulp Puts PureData Patches Into A VST

  1. I got it working in live 8.13 but not in the latest version of live 9. Possibly a 64bit thing I’m not sure but the pdpulp plugin does not appear in Lives plugins list even though it is in the folder. Like i said it worked for me in live 8. I’m looking forward to using it more and hoping that it will work in Live 9 at some stage. It’ still great to have this though… Thanks!

    Is there a forum to share patches?

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