Nord Releases Sample Library 2.0


Nord has released Nord Sample Library 2.0 – a major update to their ‘essentials collection’ for the Nord Stage 2 EX, Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2 & Nord Electro 5.

Nord says that they have optimized their existing samples and added ‘brilliant new sounds’, in the categories Strings, Voice and Folk instruments. The Nord Sample Library 2.0 also includes original sounds from the legendary vintage tape-samplers, Mellotron and Chamberlin

Note: Your Nord instrument must be updated to the the latest OS version to support the Nord Sample Library 2.0 files:

  • Nord Stage 2 EX v2.10+
  • Nord Stage 2 v2.10+
  • Nord Piano 2 v1.20+
  • Nord Electro 5 v1.00+

See the Nord site for details.

4 thoughts on “Nord Releases Sample Library 2.0

  1. So Nord is just saying to all it’s Electro 4 customers “go f#$k yourself, should’ve waited 1 year to by our $3000 keyboard……stupid!.”
    I love my keyboard, but I bought it with the sales pitch that “Nord is constantly updating there sounds for the machine.” This is complete crap and Nord will no longer get any of my money if this is the case.
    If you are in the same boat, be sure to let Nord know via their comments page. Maybe they will realize the level of Douchery they are achieving.

  2. Obviously it’s a good thing that Nord are improving their sample library and moving forward, you wouldn’t want them to stuck in the past either, tied to some unchanging data format.

    However there must be some reason they’re not supporting older devices: these have lower CPU & memory capabilities – it could be that these samples are multi-layered, or use more sophisticated filter settings or something that means that they can’t easily be back-ported to older devices.

  3. Looks like I jumped the gun. I wrote to Nord about my Nord electro 4 apparently becoming obsolete and they politely told me to wait a few days for older models to get an OS update. I’m a hothead for sure and I can be quick to voice my opinion, but I am also willing to admit when I am wrong, which in this case, I was. Thank you Nord for not gut punching me on this. I look forward to the OS update and the new sounds. so I say to myself “Patience young Padawan.”

  4. lol.
    Ill informed entitlement rant… leads into a very mature follow up response.
    Thanks for being humbly correcting yourself Sean!

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