10 thoughts on “New Style Of Guitar Shredding Cuts Between The Past & Present

  1. Is it a switch between a pitch-shifted version going through one distortion/amp-sim and a non-pitched version with a contrasting distortion/amp-sim?

    It is totally impressive that this is being done in realtime!!

  2. You could springload this thing so it always quickly returned to the “present” setting, then you could easily make a foot pedal out of it. You could also add additional FX to one signal, obviously. For synths, I could totally see going clean/dirty with this by adding to one side a distortion or amp-sim like a Line 6 pod xt which I use.


      1. Better yet install the switch on the guitar itself. Then playing the strings and the switch would be more practical. I’m sure that’s what he’d eventually aim for though so this really isn’t a critique

  3. that is a fantastic application of your scrub-board thingy!
    smallerise it & mount it on the guitar?
    see my interruptulator (or tornipulator) maybe.

    great job!

  4. Well Done. What a cool piece of technology with an inspiring demonstration. Too often people just sit in front of their new music widget and try to explain it to you. Jeremy has clearly invested the time practicing so he could deliver a compelling performance. Amongst the many skills he displayed, those double and triple finger taps are pretty cool. Kudos on the technology and the demonstration.

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