The Elements Of Modern Berlin School Synthesis

In this video, vlogger Ralph Baumgartl talks with synth group Thau (Bernd-Miachel Land and Frank Tischer) about their unique interpretation of the Berlin School musical genre.

Land and Tischer offer their take on the key musical elements of Berlin School and discuss their instrument choice, including the Minimoog Voyager, String Ensemble Keyboards, Analogue Sequencers, EMS Synthesizers and pianos. They also do an extended Berlin School style improvisation.

Baumgartl has shared more of his synth-oriented vlog posts as a YouTube playlist.

via Ralph Baumgartl VLog

5 thoughts on “The Elements Of Modern Berlin School Synthesis

    1. yeah. it seems to be some kind of law of nature – the more awesome gear is stacked in a studio, the less awesome music comes out of it

    2. If everyone liked all music it would probably be quite boring music…

      Not that I mind boring music, simple techno is quite boring. It can be produces with like 4 drum sounds and maybe some distortion effect. It also needs to stay on track so elaborate trickery because it needs to support endless dancing which is what it’s good for. The music itself is boring but the culture and events around it does not have to be.

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