Orchestral Tools Intros The Nocturne Violin

Orchestral Tools has released The Nocturne Violin, a Soloists Series instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.


  • 14 different legato performances at different speeds, expressions and techniques.
  • Choose between slurred or detaché playing in any legato patch.
  • Many different long notes with a variety of different lengths, dynamics and expressions for a maximum of realism.
  • Single Dynamic Layer Concept to reduce phasing to a minimum.
  • Recorded at the Teldex Solo Booth.

Requires Kontakt 5 full version.

The Nocturne Violin is available now for 249 EUR (+VAT where applicable).

3 thoughts on “Orchestral Tools Intros The Nocturne Violin

  1. Hey, the stereo image of the instrument is a problem! The recording tries to sit ‘in the room’ it was recorded in, but it does not fit with the backing track. It does not sound correct ‘in place’. This is a problem with electronic emulations and sample-based material.

  2. It is less of a problem if the samples are recorded in the same way you would want them recorded if you were capturing a performance.

    It’s really important to check those things when you listen to demos, even summing to mono just to check to see if the person who recorded was competent.

    It is very difficult work, but even still, getting results that sound realistic are difficult. Fortunately, the jobs of violinists remain secure.

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