Apple Watch Gets Its First Virtual Accordion

This video, via virtual instrument company AppCordions, is sneak preview of their Micro-SqueezeBox Accordion app for the Apple Watch.

Only time will tell if this will be a game-changer on a par with the Watch Band MIDI controller.

Is there a real opportunity to use the emerging class of wearable computers for useful musical tasks? Share your thoughts in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Apple Watch Gets Its First Virtual Accordion

  1. “Is there a real opportunity to use the emerging class of wearable computers for useful musical tasks?”

    Although it is very difficult to declare that any area does not have reasonable opportunity for practical innovation, making music and wearables is pretty close to “not going to happen” in my opinion. The user interface is so small that it doesn’t provide a human-machine interface with sufficient UI elements or granularity of control to make for meaningful music composition. It can be broken down to a few questions:

    – What existing problem would this device overcome?
    – What makes this a better solution than what has existed previously?

    For something like Google Maps and a smartphone the value is easy to see. Music composition via a wearable device.. crystal ball is murky.

    1. I think it’s just supposed to be for fun… I don’t think it is trying to be a game changer or anything…. Ya know, like fuzzy dice or miniature playing cards… Consumer junk we love! I wish they had shown the chord buttons bring pressed.

      1. I have no issues with having toy-synth fun. I’ve bought my share and several productively nudged me along towards more ‘serious’ fun. Its part of the gig. I maintain that you should take up a traditional instrument and learn the real ropes of playing in real-time a bit; it makes your electronic doings speak with more authority. Its too easy to go boop-beep with just buttons and sliders, but if you’ve worked up a sweat over a little piano or a serious drum kit, your boops will have more balls. You don’t have to become a virtuoso. Just learn a few chords and simple runs. The better my piano playing became, the better my synth honks followed suit. Playing with a stylus blows too hard. 😛

    2. It’s not going to happen if the only thing they can think for user interface is that awkward and complicated micro thingy for note input. I bet smarter people can think ui’s is that use motion, heartbeat or whatever they can do with all those sensors and provide better results. Then it might happen and will be used for music 😉

  2. Figured I’d done the iPhone and iPad accordions, might as well see what we could do on the Apple Watch running the new Watch OS 2.0. Anyone have a good source for tiny styluses (stylii?), we’re going to need to ship one with every copy of the app. Thanks! Michael

    1. Contact a distributer on eBay, you can buy really cheap nice aluminum telescoping styluses for the Nintendo DS but I don’t know if the screen works the same

  3. *comment deleted*

    So in conclusion, that’s who shot Kennedy and that’s also why the accordion watch will completely revolutionise the music industry. Hope that helped.

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