Nobody Wants To See Zac Efron’s EDM Movie, ‘A Bomb Of Historic Proportions’


It’s official – nobody wants to see an EDM movie starring Zac Efron.

Cinema Blend is calling the Efron ‘passion project’ We Are Your Friends ‘a bomb of historic proprotions’.

The film stars Efron as a bro DJ with a supermodel girlfriend and follows his struggles to make a name for himself.

It’s not clear whether audiences don’t want to see an EDM movie, don’t want to see a Zac Efron movie, don’t want to see a Zac Efron EDM movie or just hate the idea of bro DJ’s with supermodel girlfriends. But the movie tanked so hard that it’s earned a place on Box Office Mojo’s Worst Openings Ever list.

For perspective, one of the only movies to do worse than Efron’s We Are Your Friends is the potentially psychologically damaging The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure:

Nobody wants to see Zac Efron’s EDM movie. Is there an electronic music-themed movie that you think people should see instead? Or are you regretting viewing that Oogieloves trailer? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

43 thoughts on “Nobody Wants To See Zac Efron’s EDM Movie, ‘A Bomb Of Historic Proportions’

  1. I wish that Eden movie had had a wide major release in the states. There’s always the “I dream of wires” doc on Netflix… Or just run back It’s All Gone Pete Tong

  2. Straight to DVD for this piece. But now that NWA has opened the door into the 80’s/90’s docudrama for hip hop, It shouldn’t be very long before someone does the same for the pioneers of Detroit Techno, and Chicago House.

    1. That would actually be pretty damn cool if it was done correctly. Who would be a great director for that? Someone with a grittier style I would think.

  3. I know nothing about Mr Efron, but I loathe electronic dance music so I’ll give the film a miss. Like Stanislav above, I recommend the gripping I Dream Of Wires.

    1. Thanks for translating “EDM” for this old dinosaur.

      Watch “Sucker Punch” instead. Bloody awful storyline, but GREAT soundtrack.

  4. movies like this don’t work they generalize electronic music into this “edm” wrapper and its so much more than that . i blame stupid people and the term “dub step”

  5. I enjoyed “Under the Electric Sky” (available on Netflix streaming) about the huge Electric Daisy Carnival festival in Las Vegas. Yes, it does feature many well-known EDM artists/DJ’s and several select fans who love the music. Even if you hate the music, I found the production level to be mind-blowing.

  6. Go watch The Prodigy’s “World’s On Fire” or The Chemical Brothers “Don’t Think” or Amon Tobin’s “ISAM Live” DVDs instead.

  7. I never heard a single word or saw one advertisement about this movie. Not even free buzz that is easily obtainable. You only see that when the studio heads despise the producers but are stuck in some contract and have decided to teach the producer a lesson by sabotaging the film due to some personal or political issue.

    1. i have seen a poster…. in shopping center… it was one of those rotating thing posters…. with alot of other posters… this poster was followed by sounds of music poster… maybe that was the problem

    2. Not even close, its more likely you are frequenting anywhere on the web that people under the age of 40 are likely to visit. I however could not get away from this pile of garbage, even instagram (yeah they are posting fake instagram pics as ads now) had a goddamn trailer in the middle of my feed ¯\_(?)_/¯

  8. I’ve saw it and it is a pretty decent movie. If of course you don’t go to the theatre expecting that someone will expose the edm business in this film. as the say in teh internet. Haters are always going to hate

  9. Now a Zac Effron movie where he plays a struggling EDM “artist” with a supermodel girlfriend who has to pull out his special forces training and computer hacking skills to save the world form an invasion of Ooglieloves time-traveling from space future could work.

    Oh wait….that pretty much is every summer movie ever….

    1. “has to pull out his special forces training and computer hacking skills to save the world form an invasion of Ooglieloves time-traveling from space future”

      That right there is a solid gold premise for a summer blockbuster movie. Please – see to it that this movie gets made. Synthhead and I would probably have to go see that at least three times in the theatre. Probably more, because, you know, popcorn makes even bad movies tolerable.

  10. I think there is a really good edm movie of a guy hunched over in a chair for 6 hours in front of a computer pushing the playback button over and over while clicking a mouse and eating chips, true story! It really summed up my edm making experience.

    Special guests features Vangelis, Moby, and the chemical brothers hunched in chairs.

  11. Go watch ‘Human Traffic’, ‘It’s all Gone Pete Tong’ and already mentioned earlier here above ‘Berlin Callin ‘. EDM… ????

  12. This is sure to put a crimp in his followup project about a billionaire’s son with a ferarri and a yacht and private jet who goes though the harrowing ordeal of getting a hangnail.

  13. Watch EDEN! Really good movie. Don’t expect it to be about Daft Punk’s life tho. It shows well how trends in electronic music move fast and how hard it is for DJs and promoters in today’s music industry to create parties where they play music that “comes from the heart”. I’m particularly attached to this movie as some footage was filmed in a loft I lived in Brooklyn (while I was living there).

  14. This film looks nauseating. EDM is the dumbest musical term of the last century. It’s just electronic music for people in vests, why do Americans have to constantly reinvent things to stake their claim in everything? Chillwave? Synthwave? Back in the 90s, you could listen to Tangerine Dream, Aphex Twin, Jeff Mills and FSOL and it was all just ‘electronic music’.

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