Bastl Instruments Euro Modules Now Available As DIY Kits


Bastl Instruments has introduced DIY kit versions of their unique wood-faced Eurorack synth modules.

Currently, five modules are available as DIY kits:

  • ABC mixer
  • NoiseSquare – generates noise and square wave signals
  • Grandpa – a granular sampler
  • Skis – dual decay envelope generator
  • Tea Kick – an analog drum synth

And for people that are just starting out with synth DIY, Bastl offers a €25.00 ‘Come To Daddy’ service to help with any module you build, but can’t get working correctly.

See the Noise Kitchen site for details.


9 thoughts on “Bastl Instruments Euro Modules Now Available As DIY Kits

  1. Interesting. Nice modules, though there is not much difference between kit and finished prices.

    Too bad the faceplates are not the same look as on the finished models. All the ones in the photos show lots of laser scorching…is that easily sanded off?

  2. Really not a big fan of Bastl’s wood panel designs..

    Would have been interested in the DIY Tea Kick, looks like a simple build but it’s only 20 less than the assembled version so not that tempted!

    1. You can probably get a kit slightly cheaper without the wood panel if you ask them. I think the thing is, the modules are manufactured by what’s almost a volunteer group so the build cost would already be tiny! The modules on their own are already pretty cheap as a result.

  3. @caligari you can actually wash off the darker places with wet piece of cloth. its very simple. And we have some hand painted in here… just watercolor and they look way better than the printed ones.

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