How To Mod An Arturia MiniBrute Into A MiniBrute SE, Void Your Warranty & Play Pink Floyd’s “On The Run”

This video, by Diego Pinzón of Man On The Living Road, demonstrates how to mod an Arturia MiniBrute into a MiniBrute SE. 

Arturia_MINIBRUTEWhile the MiniBrute and MiniBrute SE have differences in design and build quality, they are essentially the same synth with slightly different firmware settings. You can transform the digital ‘brain’ of the synth from a MiniBrute to MiniBrute SE, depending on whether you prefer a step sequencer or arpeggiator.

In the video, Pinzón demonstrates using a MiniBrute with the SE firmware mod to play the classic sequence from Pink Floyd’s On The Run. Then he discusses how he made the firmware mod. The video is in Spanish, with English subtitles.

See the Hackabrute site for details on the MiniBrute to MiniBrute SE mod. Note that mods will void your warranty.

Have you done any MiniBrute mods? If so, share them in the comments and let us know how they worked for you!

8 thoughts on “How To Mod An Arturia MiniBrute Into A MiniBrute SE, Void Your Warranty & Play Pink Floyd’s “On The Run”

    1. Steve

      From the MiniBrute designer:

      “The hardware and the firmware ( or greater) are the same.

      In order to have your machine behaving like a vanilla or SE. it’s up to you to send a short SysEx command to your MiniBrute.”

      I updated the post to make help clarify this difference.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  1. the arp is the easy part, by far … but you are still missing quite a bit of the loosey, slippery, rubbery modulations that it goes thru

    now, ive tried recreating that gated “wakawakawakakwaka” sound that punches through in cycling waves – many, many times on many many synths… but that sound is extremely difficult to get 100% accurate, particularly due to the sharpness of the resonance and how saturated and “hot” it is… i still think its something that can only be done properly (as in 100% the same) on an actual EMS synth like they used

    plenty of synths can come close, but none really get there without some serious post processing
    (good example at 2:30)

  2. andddddddd its blocked by f**ckin Warner Chappel for the Netherlands… i hate this kind of koeienstront.. thank god, there are other ways to listen.

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