Robert Rich – Improvisation On The Moog Modular System 55 Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, ambient musician and composer Robert Rich pays a visit to the Moog Music sound lab and explores the sound design possibilities of the Modular System 55.

Robert Rich is known for creating immersive soundscapes, and has more than four dozen releases to his name. This modular sound improvisation ‘evokes the perpetual organic motion of the natural world.’

While studying in Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics during the 1980s, Robert would perform nine hour “Sleep Concerts” – designed to influence the REM sleep cycle of the audience with auditory stimulus.

Robert engaged in this atmospheric session with the Moog Modular System 55 on a recent visit to the Moog Music factory in Asheville, NC,

7 thoughts on “Robert Rich – Improvisation On The Moog Modular System 55 Synthesizer

  1. You can play any number of notes at the same time on any modular synthesizer as long as you have enough extra voices. However, the CV keyboards often lack this capacity. With a sequencer, you just sync a new sequencer for each extra note.

  2. I love the sounds of a 50s sci-fi movie spaceship. Awesome, but too short. Needs to be at least an hour long to be 10x awesome or like 12 hours to be 100x awesome.

  3. this video demonstrates exactly why i have always felt that i never want to get a modular synth. because of the fear i will disappear completely up my own ass and instead of making real music releases i will just sit around for days and weeks in tracksuit pants with the window curtains drawn pluggin in leads and twiddling knobs like a mad scientist and listening to the sonic equivalent of a door creaking and bird chirping and think i am making music and creating art and thinking i am brilliant.

    which of course i wont be, and of course i will not be.

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