19 thoughts on “Casio PT-80 Vintage Gear Review

  1. Jeez, not another mini key synth! When will companies learn we want full size keys! This is going to flop. I will not be preordering this! This is an outrage! Boycott Casio!

    The synth engine sounds fantastic but the mini keys RUIN it. NO SALE! How can I shred on this with all my expert lightening fast master skills? This is a toy for babies! Dumb babies!

  2. I got one. When I recived it, super dirty, I clean it inside out, even the circuit board, Then I reassemble it, It start to have an LFO on the sound…

  3. Run that Casio through an Analog Filter season with a touch of Delay and generous helping of reverb and one can arrive at a pretty thick sounding analog wall of tone.

    1. As long as you’re happy with a thin pulse wave F4 being your lowest note.

      Then again, you can run a smoke detector alarm though enough effects and make a “wall of tone.”

  4. I still have my1984 PT-50
    350$, and back ordered .
    Chord buttons were classic
    It came with a ROM cartridge
    That played songs, and had a playbook
    Cheesy 80’s band autograph included!
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  5. Its not unheard of to run vintage crap through a couple of effects and find some good voices, assuming you have the desire and room for a lot of old Stuff. Astro is right about the thin pulse wave, though. Some pigs you can dress up, some you can’t. You newbies and near-newbies should try this: run your newest doof toy through a few pedals or, if u r lucky, something like a Roland GT-6 multieffects box. Spend just one honest hour exploring it. If it doesn’t reward you with a few useful noises by then, it ain’t gonna. The Korg Poly-800 was sure no Jupiter-8, but with a distortion pedal, an EQ and a delay, I got a surprising e-guitar out of it. You never know. It took them a while, but with the PX5-s stage piano/synth and its two synth predecessors, Casio finally showed its muscle.

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