How To Make Rave Music Live

rave-catThis video, via Paolo Di Nicolantonio of SynthMania, takes a nostalgiac look back at how rave music was played live in the 90s.

Here’s what Nicolantonio has to say about the video:

“I felt nostalgic tonight and fired up the trusty old W-30….’ says Nicolantonio.  “For the younger viewers, here’s a breakdown of how a typical Techno / Rave piece of the early ’90s would have come to light. Riffs all played live as we used to do at rave parties.”

“This is the sound of my youth,” he adds, “and I love making this music and talking about the gear and techniques of the day.”

The first part of the video explains the rave rig. Starting, starting about 2:00 in. the video switches over to an extended rave jam.

You can listen to high quality audio of the rave jam below:

Nicolantonio’s rave gear includes:

  • Roland TR-909
  • Roland W-30 synthesizer; and
  • The classic Roland Alpha Juno-2.

Rave Cat via Chris Haines

9 thoughts on “How To Make Rave Music Live

  1. That orchestral stab really brings me back.

    Everyone thought this music was going to change the musical world forever, but I’m sure that’s true of every new music.

  2. I still make rave music… He he… “Pzyklon” on SoundCloud for those who dare… Love the video. Nice Hoover sounds that we don’t use today or the beats, or the stabs, or infact the acid bassline!

  3. I had no idea that stuff was being done live I thought raves were all records. I assume there were other sequences in the W30 so you could change to something else after 15 minutes?

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