Synthesis Technology Debuts Two New Euro Modules At Knobcon

3950-circuit-bent-vcoSynthesis Technology has announced that it will be introducing two new modules at KnobCon – a synth convention being held in Chicago this weekend (September 11-12, 2015).

The E950 Circuit Bent VCO is a 10hp DSP-based VCO that combines the “smooth morphing” of the E350 Morphing Terrarium with fully licensed “Speak & Spell” technology from Texas Instruments.

The anticipated price is $199.

The E620 USB-MIDI CV module is a combination USB Host and Device interface, with two 16-bit CVs spanning -2V to +8V and two gate outputs.

These four outputs can be assigned (via MIDI Program Change messages) to 12 different settings. Modes for drum triggers, MIDI clock division, and monophonic/polyphinic CV/gate are included.

The module is 4HP wide.

Pricing is not yet finalized, but is expected to be $249 or less.

Both modules are expected to be available later this year.

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