Synthesist Robert Rich To Headline B-Wave Festival

robert-richOrganizers contacted us to let us know that the third edition of the B-Wave Festival in Belgium will take place on November 14th.

The festival is described as ‘the only Belgian festival that supports Ambient, Space, Drones and Chillout music.’ It is an indoor festival with two stages, one in the theatre hall and one in the foyer, where in total 6 bands/artists will perform.

B-Wave Festival 2015 will feature synthesist Robert Rich (right), Radio Massacre International and others. 

Here are the headliners for 2015:

  • Robert Rich (USA): sound designer of the movies Pitch Black, Behind Enemy Lines etc. It will be a rare concert appearance for Robert Rich in Europe.
  • Radio Massacre International (UK): known from MTV Partyzone with their live performance, mainly drones and guitar-rifs.

Also on stage: Space Megalithe (FR), The Tower Tree (BE)

There will also be demonstrations of Buchla, Analogue Solutions, Analogue Systems synthesizers and Manikin Electronic synthesizers.

The B-Wave Festival is organized by B-Wave, a non-profit organisation from Hasselt, Belgium who supports the lesser commercial forms of music like ambient, space, chillout, Berliner Schule and krautrock.

The B-Wave Festival starts at 13:00 and ends around 23:00. It takes place at CC Muze, Dekenstraat 40, Heusden Zolder, BE.

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