TASCAM Intros DA-6400 64-Track Audio Recorder


TASCAM has introduced the DA-6400 – a new 64-track recorder that records to an internal SSD drive caddy for live and event recording.

The DA-6400 records 64 tracks at 48kHz/24-bit or 32 tracks at 96kHz/24-bit.

Included with the DA-6400 is an AK-CC25 hot-swappable caddy containing a high-performance 240GB TASCAM solid-state drive. The caddy includes a USB 3 jack for stand-alone use – simply hand the drive to the client to offload the BWAV files into their DAW session.


  • 64-track recording to internal solid-state drive as 48kHz/24-bit BWAV files
  • 32-track recording at 96kHz/24-bit
  • Two option card slots support MADI, Dante, and AES/EBU connections, with more to come
  • Hot-swappable AK-CC25 drive caddy houses an SSD drive, and includes USB 3 for simple file transfer
  • TASCAM 240GB SSD drive included
  • RS-422 serial control and parallel control
  • Internal TCXO sample clock with 1ppm accuracy
  • SMPTE timecode in and out on BNC connectors
  • Gigbit Ethernet for file transfer, remote control, and SNTP internal clock set
  • Video and word clock in/thru/out
  • Highly visible 320×120 pixel LCD display
  • iPad and computer applications for remote control
  • One rackspace size for easy installation
  • DA-6400DP also available with dual/redundant power supplies

TASCAM SSD features:

  • 240GB 2.5-inch serial ATA SSD
  • Uses specialized control IC for reliable operation during long recordings
  • Over 7 hours of recording time at 48kHz/24-bits

AK-CC25 features:

  • Holds 2.5-inch serial ATA SSD drive
  • USB 3.0 port for high-speed data transfer
  • LED status indicator

See the TASCAM site for detail.

16 thoughts on “TASCAM Intros DA-6400 64-Track Audio Recorder

  1. But looking at back, you will need an interface unit to bring your analog gear in.

    I mention this because , i am tired of seeing the specs of lots of channels BUT most of channels are a digital format type.

    Other than that looks good

  2. Yeah, 64 track recorder, with no audio inputs, but a bunch of ports like gigabit ethernet and 1970s style RS-422 15 pin connectors and weird high end things that only connect to super expensive converters like MADI and Dante.

    Who knows how many thousands it would cost to actually get this working.

    Or alternatively I can buy a $299 laptop and also have 64 channel digital recording, just add inputs.

    1. I wanted to say the same thing, but was afraid of looking stupid because I don’t know what any of those ports are for. Thank you for saying it first. Would it kill them to make another version with good old fashioned audio inputs and a midi port for syncing? The 1 rack unit looks awesome from the front, has great specs, but is totally useless to me. Having said that, if Tascam can cram all of that power into a 1u rack enclosure, someone else will follow up with a similar design that ideally will offer standard ports people like me are familiar with.

    2. But it is a professional single rack unit that is designed for a mixer to be plugged into to record 64 tracks onto – and has not really been designed to be anything above and beyond that. You throw a bunch of single inputs on it, and it is a massive rack – each adding dollars not needed by the guy with the MADI setup – a professional standard for 64 track I/O. And that $299 laptop you are buying to record 64 inputs onto doesn’t really exist does it, the HDD and input is likely to max out below 32 tracks – not a stable recording solution, can you do that perfect take again the box failed to record all the tracks? If you were recording 64 tracks then you are talking Macbook with SSD and $700+ thunderbolt card – a $2000 setup. Which is a good option that is $1000 less than this Tascam box will sell for, but this obviously hasn’t been designed for that market. You may not pay $3k for this, but it is a great solution for someone with an expensive 32+ track MADI setup. I believe the Motu 112d does what you want it to, and ironically has MADI.

      1. ^ It’s entirely this.

        This thing isn’t really made for readers of Synthtopia (myself included). It’s meant to be a ‘don’t think about it’ single space addition to the rack of a pro touring band/rental house/remote recording truck. It has two power jacks if that’s any indication (one for the backup power system). Even if the $300 *reliable* recording PC existed, it would be yet another thing that needed to sit on top of a rack and needing special cases and clicking and mucking about when the doors are opening in 30 minutes and you’re still trying to figure out why the fucking kick is ringing at 189hz…

        One rack space, one record button, one cable, 64 tracks, removable drive caddy = 300 fewer things to worry about when you’re doing front-of-house sound for flavor of the minute rock band number 32343.

        That the caddy has a USB3 connection built-in is kinda boss.

  3. This is a very nice piece of gear, but who is the target audience
    and is this type of equipment really in demand or needed at all?

    Maybe a good alternative for a venue or music hall

    1. If i were to guess, live band performance. Usually there have the fancy mixer setup to interface with this (minus the cables) and they want to record the show, and with SSD you don’t have to worry about a bump or jolt breaking the hard drive

  4. Vangelis uses a iZ Technologies Radar, which is more or less a custom built PC/harddrive multitrack recorder with very high end A-D converters. He uses it like he would have used a 24 track tape machine back in the 1970’s and 80’s. Funny enough I think Tascam is the only other manufacturer that currently makes a dedicated purpose built multirack hard disk recorder in the X48mk2.

    The Tascam DA6400 is a live recording tool. If you had a Dante live mixer one Cat 5 cable could handle all of the audio going into the Tascam. Units like this are a fantastic and easy way to record every performance, back it up, bring it into a DAW and do a full mix on it.

    These kind of recorders are being used for sound checks – you can play back the previous nights performance in the new venue you are at – measure the room – and get at least a good initial start to your setup without needing a single band member on stage.

    No point in complaining about what this unit doesn’t do. It is a professional live recording tool. Most of us DAW based EM’s would not have any use for it. If however, you’re a Front of House guy or gal this could be a welcome bit of kit.

  5. whats it for? pro-audio setups, almost assuredly targeting mobile rigs

    not for you? ok… whats the problem… ?

    protip: the world does not revolve around you

  6. This thing does exactly what I use Ableton for, and would simplify my setup quite a bit. I run all my sound making devices (about 24 channels) into an x32 producer mixer, and if I installed the available Dante card in said mixer, I could do away with the need to do any more than push one button to begin recording my entire performance. Main power on. Hit record. Hit play on the master sequencer. No menus, no mouse, no screen. Just hit play and go. Engineer and edit later. The fact that this has *some* overlapping functionality with a 300$ laptop doesn’t detract from it’s usefulness. Yes, you can end up at the same place with a cheap laptop and a smattering of interfaces and other gear, but the streamlined efficiency of the former is, for me, much nicer.

    1. It is an elegant solution. This Tascam and a Motu 112d would make a two rack unit to input, output, mix and record 64 channels live – would cost around $4k for that setup – imagine the cost and space that would have taken up 20 years ago, 10 years ago. Add a laptop for so crazy AVB network foolery – amazing.

  7. ok guess what no man can make a real stand alone recorder
    guess i will build the right recorder tracking 24+mix-d 8+ master 2
    all in one high-end can you say Studer ID cards direct SSD 24 deck
    motherboard no windows no mac stand-alone system.
    core cpu water pump
    playback pre and loaded with a studer no-tape head to SSD Main
    24 tracking 24+mix-d 8+ master 2 U8
    HD input screen thunderbolt inputs easy light editor copy cut paste lock mastering systems
    tube or transparent sound. no loud fans fact there will be no fans.
    heat vents. state of art. that where the cash will go.
    there you have the world’s best recorder
    ssd for each track so 24 ssd plus one large one
    oh wireless transfers for demo pro tools tracking easy as one 2 3.
    plus led midi bars or more firewire cards and adat yes mega
    price easy less than 8,000. also pc or mac plug and play.
    if you only need 2 4 8 16 or 24 just add SSD Expand just add deck
    and led midi meters 24 48 96 ssd tracking. want video WD SSD now you have the world. stand-alone clocking

  8. I would love to own one of these DA-6400’s, but considering you have to pay extra for a card, just to get multi-track audio in and out of it doesn’t seem fair. Perhaps when the price comes down (all gear depreciates as you already know), then I might go for one.

  9. The is no High-end tracking system with Over Dubbing Recorder Playback for real studio consoles me i own Solid State Logic 900+SE Neve and yes a proud owner of a original RCA 1970’s hand made real tube Console 1960’s real Neve sidecar why dump to pc or mac easy there is no High-end tracking system with a head 48×48 line in/out

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