Native Instruments Intros Traktor Kontrol S5 4-Channel Stems-Ready DJ System


Native Instruments has introduced Traktor Kontrol S5 – a new 4-channel DJ system.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

With a compact size and solid construction, TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 puts familiar hardware control, fluid touch-and-see workflow, and Stems* compatibility into a modern DJ experience.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 builds on hardware design made popular by the revered TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, with innovative modern technology in a portable format made to feel instantly familiar in the hands of any DJ.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 will be available online and at retailers worldwide on October 1, 2015.

Here’s the official intro video:

Traktor Kontrol S5 Key Features:

  • The mixer section features key controls such as four channels with EQ and Filter controls, and FX assigns.
  • Touch-sensitive controls bring smart views, performance modes, and pop-up panels to life on two full-color displays – touching an effect knob for example, instantly reveals and hides a deck’s FX values.
  • Traktor Kontrol S5’s deck types also switch intelligently to match the track, Stem file, or Remix Set being loaded into the included TRAKTOR PRO 2 software.
  • Live remixing with enhanced Remix Decks workflow is seamless – loops can be captured from a running track to instantly sample, for example.
  • And cueing, nudging, or seeking through tracks is made simple and precise with motion-sensitive touch strips that respond naturally to finger swiping.
  • A built-in 24-bit/48kHz audio interface features both XLR and RCA master outputs, plus one ¼ inch booth output to connect the unit to any type of sound system.
  • And the independent stand-alone RCA or ¼ inch AUX channel input can be used to connect a mic, MP3 player, or any additional line-level device.

Stems Support

Traktor Kontrol S5 becomes the fourth addition to the family of NI’s Stems-ready Traktor controllers, integrating customized control of Stems – the open audio format for creative DJ performance.

The Stem View shows Stem files as 4 color-coded, stacked waveforms on the displays. The 16 performance pads map and color-match automatically to each stem when a Stem file is loaded. DJs can mute and unmute different musical elements with the pads or control volume, filter, and effect routing of individual stems, creating spontaneous a cappellas, instrumentals, and mixes that make DJ sets stand out.

Traktor Kontrol S5 will be available for $799 / 799 € / ¥ 99,800 / £579 / $AU 1094 at the NI Online Shop and at local retailers on October 1, 2015. See the NI site for more info.

4 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Traktor Kontrol S5 4-Channel Stems-Ready DJ System

  1. I love this attempt to give DJs some additional level of control. So instead of just hitting play, twisting filters, and fist pumping, they can fade stems in and out. Wow. Exciting.

  2. Looks pretty cool, I think I’ll try to get one of these if Traktor runs alright on my laptop. I like the stems idea a lot, now rather than being limited to the EQ frequencies it’s possible to mix up different tracks in a new way on the fly.

    You guys making fun of it, I mean come on. A lot of electronic music simply can’t be performed live any other way. If you’ve never gone to a Trance or Dubstep concert and let your guard down to have some fun you’re really missing out. At least the artists who produce and then DJ are able to make the concert a unique event with some improvisation on mixers like this rather than plug in an mp3 player and press play. They know they’re still “hitting play” with creative liberties added in here and there. The crowd knows it. No one there cares, it’s a lot of fun to dance to- lighten up!

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