8 thoughts on “Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 First Look

  1. Good performance. Nice spectrasonic sounds. Following the links from the video led me to Fishman who produce a midi pickup (looking very much like the Roland GK3 I have). Omnisphere 2 looks great.

    1. I think this is an issue. The sounds are so exciting and great for sound design now, but the IU looks dated and wobbly and not something you want to spend hundreds for. They need to hire an inspired designer for the next GUI.

      looking at Reacktor I know I will be using it more now because of the updated, smart UI and blocks. Spectronics needs to invest in this to draw in new users. its product is worthy, the design makes it look ancient and not something to pay for and explore.

      1. It mimics the hardware paradign, which works. Fancy graphics dont help. A clear concise UI, Like this, is needed for rhe large amount of parameters. A calming background , and not too cluttered , helps ease the design process. Plus you dont want to mess with peoples working methods, as these reside in the subconcious muscle memory, which speeds intuative patch creation.

  2. I just got it yesterday and it sounds absolutely fantastic. I didn’t watch any tutorials, just dove in and started messing around with some sound design and everything just kind of made sense. I discovered the right click for modulation routings and instantly fell in love with that feature. The Orb is pretty interesting, and I will probably need a little tutorial on that to fully harness it’s power. This thing is laid out so well, I really like how everything has it’s own page and is uncluttered. If you know synths, you should be able to find your way around this thing fairly easily. This thing comes with a lot of effects and most of them sound pretty awesome. With little plan and a “trial and error” approach, I made some very interesting sounds with a lot of texture and movement. There seems to be plenty of material to use as building blocks for pretty much any sound you can think of. I have to say that I’m impressed. I’ve been very into cinematic sounds lately and this synth delivers on that front quite well. I’m going to really get to know this thing, because I can tell that I will be rewarded with amazing sounds if I do.

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