Evaton Technologies Intros 3-Oscillator DIY Drone Synth


At the Knobcon 2015 synth convention, Evaton Technologies introduced the upcoming SDIY MDRONE kit. 

The kit consisting of a bare PCB and parts for creating a 3-oscillator standalone desktop drone machine, with adjustable bandpass filter and filter overdrive.


  • 3 independent adjustable-frequency square wave oscillators
  • On/Off switch for each oscillator
  • Adjustable filter bandwidth (Q)
  • Adjustable filter center frequency (Fc)
  • Selectable filter overdrive On/Off, which creates gritty, dirty distortion in the filter.
  • Volume knob
  • Line out, with build option for Eurorack-level audio.
  • 9V battery operation, with very low current drain; perfect for electro-busking
  • Assembly manual with theory of operation; great for educational users
  • Patch points for circuit-bending, and additional hints in assembly manual for more circuit bending ideas

Evaton expects the SDIY MDRONE to be available Fall/Winter 2015, priced under $100 for the full PCB + parts + case option, and less for the PCB + parts option.

5 thoughts on “Evaton Technologies Intros 3-Oscillator DIY Drone Synth

    1. Absolutely all standard thru-hole components. The production case will not be the plastic pencil case that was on display at KnobCon. That case is a one-off handmade unit, made so that attendees could see the guts inside. We’re looking into a sturdy metal pre-fabricated case that will be both attractive and durable. Also, a PCB + parts-only option will be available for those wanting to fabricate their own enclosure, at a very attractive price point.

  1. If you’re asking, “Could I build it myself for a fraction of the price?” the answer is “Yes.” My local chemist’s shop sells the case for £3.50 for keeping cosmetics in.

  2. I don’t need a new source of drones. I have an 82-year-old aunt who is a perpetual-mouthing machine. We keep waiting for one of her cats to “accidentally” sleep on her face at some point.

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