FXpansion Intros Strobe2 Synthesizer For Mac, Windows


FXpansion has released Strobe2 – a software polysynth that updates the original’s realistic analog modeling synthesis with ‘a slew of enhancements and requested features.’

Highlights include an effects section, revamped arpeggiator, deeper modulation processing, preset-morphing, randomizing and a scalable vector interface for retina and 4K displays.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Analog-modeled performance synthesizer
  • Multi-waveform osc with sub osc and noise
  • Hard-sync, osc-stacking, detuning and phase reset
  • Multimode filter with 22 modes and drive
  • Saturating OTA-modelled VCA
  • Powerful LFO with clock-divided ‘sub LFO’
  • Intuitive TransMod modulation
  • New Euclid and Curve modulation processors
  • 6-block effects page with over 25 processors
  • Revamped arpeggiator with modulation-sequencer
  • Preset morphing and randomizing
  • Scalable vector interface supports retina/high-res
  • Over 900 presets
  • VST, AU, AAX64 and RTAS formats for Mac & Windows

Strobe2 Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Strobe2 is available as a download-only product from the FXpansion site for $179.00, €165.00, £119.00 inc VAT.

8 thoughts on “FXpansion Intros Strobe2 Synthesizer For Mac, Windows

  1. Given that Reactor 6 can be had for £160 (or £85 with multiple cross grade/upgrade options) relatively simple synths like this are starting to look very expensive and having played with ‘blocks’ in V6 I think you HAVE to have Reaktor 6 before you decide if you need this or anything else!…..Given there are/were 3 synths in synth squad, this should be £30 MAX (£90 for the set)

    Not trying to derail the thread, but the sound and modular ease of Reactor 6 makes stuff like this seem pretty pointless and expensive, other dev’;s are going to have to up there game as what I am seeing for free made with blocks is already better than a lot of commercial synths….

  2. Not quite the price I was expecting. It is the same basic synth as before, rewritten under the hood I am sure, but I struggle to see major new features. The upgrade price is 50 quid, the sound is great and I find the dcam synths really useful. However the synth of the month for me is an upgrade to Reaktor 6

  3. I like the interface and when I heard a prerelease sound example months ago I thought the filter sounded great. However it’s just silly to intentionally cripple your synth by not having a real second oscillator. Especially when it’s the same price as Diva.

  4. I can’t wait until they update Tremor to let you export the damn patterns to your sequencer! This looks ok, but 80$ upgrade i’m not gonna rush right out…

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