Diego Stocco Tapes Mics To His Fingers, Is Basically The Human Microphone

Composer and sound designer Diego Stocco is always listening the world in creative ways and finding interesting sounds in unexpected places.

Today, he shared this short video – taken from a series of in-depth sound design videos – that demonstrates his ‘finger mic’ technique. By taping mics to his hand, he can use his hand as a tool for listening to and recording sound in new ways. 

From the video summary:

Diego, like a hi-tech, sonic surgeon, microscopically inserts microphones into places where sounds are born to capture their very audio essence. Watch and see how these close-up, molecular stereo miking techniques and acoustic processing strategies reveal audio landscapes and percussion sounds that cannot be produced any other way.

6 thoughts on “Diego Stocco Tapes Mics To His Fingers, Is Basically The Human Microphone

  1. Too short… the video should had been longer. I was just getting into this and then it was the end.
    Very interesting sound designer. I will have to look his name up.
    This reminds me of the Soundhunters documentary on Arte last night (right after JM Jarre).

  2. What is cool about the index & pinky mics is that a boundary/barrier could be placed between the middle & ring fingers to create more differentiation between the channels. signals that reach the pinky are blocked from the index and vice versa. This provides a very wide stereo image with less phasing at high frequencies.

    Better yet, a stereo PZM-type situation could be set up by putting mics on index and middle fingers, and sliding a light aluminum plate between the the fingers/mics.

  3. What are all the microphones he has there? Firstly, what are those microphones on his fingers. Second what are the contact microphones he has and the others. Looking to get all the nicest equipment for my freelance sound design work

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