Audio Damage Intros Neuron FM Drum Synth Voice For Eurorack Modulars

neuron-drum-voiceAudio Damage‘s Chris Randall has announced a new FM drum synth voice module for Eurorack systems, the Neuron.

Randall notes:

Unlike a traditional FM voice, this isn’t a pair of sine waves. The modulator is a sine, but the carrier is a single-cycle sample from a 909 kick drum’s oscillator, taken direct from the board of a hardware 909. (A 909 owned by Jeffrey, the owner of Ground Kontrol in PDX, and the creator of the Europa mod for the Jupiter 6.) It’s sine-ish, but it has a bit more hair (which, I think, is probably apparent in the samples above.)

Here’s a preview of the Audio Damage Neuron in action:

Here’s what Randall has to say about the demo:

Here are five 4-measure loops of Neuron being modulated by a pair of Sequencer 1 units (six LFOs in all). I tried to get a variety of different patterns going, along with using both the accent and choke inputs.

This should give you a good idea of what a single Neuron can do under heavy modulation. Later, I’ll run out some kicks and snares.

Here’s a preview of the prototype:

Price is expected to be US $325. Availability is to be announced.

via FSK1138

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