Roland System-500 Eurorack Modules (Sneak Preview)

This video, via Craig Anthony Perkins, captures a presentation of the final production prototypes of the Roland System-500 Eurorack analog modules, made by Malekko Heavy Industry in Portland Oregon.

The presentation is by the creator himself, Joshua Holly of Malekko.

“It’s an almost 30 minute video from a bad angle and I wasn’t able to get a direct audio feed,” notes Perkins, “but it still sounds pretty good and has lot’s of good info regarding these modules (they’re nicer than I expected, to be honest.)”

9 thoughts on “Roland System-500 Eurorack Modules (Sneak Preview)

    1. Because he’s sneak previewing a new product that his company designed in partnership with Roland. He said it at the beginning of the video.

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