Arpeggio Portable Arpeggiator, Sequencer + Synth Now Available To Order


Tangible Instruments has officially introduced Arpeggio, described as ‘the first dedicated arpeggiator & sequencer in one portable device’.


  • Create and save sequences seamlessly during play.
  • Classic up, up-down, down, down-up, & random arpeggiator modes.
  • Chain together up to 512 user created arpeggio patterns.
  • Internal 2-oscillator virtual analog monophonic synth.
  • Adjust note lengths and add rests into your sequence.
  • USB, Bluetooth, MIDI in/out, CV/gate out.
  • Gate in/out for syncing to analog gear.
  • Control external hardware and software synths.
  • High quality internal speaker.
  • AC & battery powered

Here is the official intro video:

Here is the official overview video:

Here are the official Arpeggio audio demos:

Arpeggio is being manufactured via a Kickstarter project and is available to backers for US $179. You can get details at the project site.

15 thoughts on “Arpeggio Portable Arpeggiator, Sequencer + Synth Now Available To Order

    1. Mate – the internal voice is not much more than a guide only.
      The device is meant to be a sequencer of other instruments cennected via MIDI, CV and gate signal.

    2. But if that’s all you see you’re missing all the connection options. I can’t wait to pair this with my Juno 106, MKS7, Volca Keys, ESQ1, Microbrute, even the Jupiter 8v because I hate the way the Arturia arpeggiator works on that…..the list goes on.

  1. Can someone please make a hardware analog version of the Propellerhead’s “Figure” app that is on the iPhone/iPad. Have tried so many sequencers on iOS and yet to find anything hardware or software that is so quick and easy to create ideas.

  2. The release timelines for these projects are way too drawn out. 3 months is understandable, but nearly 8 months from now. Might as well wait and see if it actually comes out. Still waiting for Parva…

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