Canon For Theremin & LoopStation

Sunday Synth Jam: Carolina Eyck is one of the world’s foremost theremin virtuosi, performing with orchestras around the world.

She’s also created an excellent series of performance and educational videos. In this video, the second in her ‘Theremin Session’ series, Eyck discusses and performs the Canon for Theremin and Loop Station by Christopher Tarnow.

She also performs an improvisation on a sentence by Christina Masha Milinusic (Calgary, Canada) based on a poem by Paul-Marie Verlaine called ‘Chanson d’Automne’ (Autumn Song).

via Carolina Eyck

15 thoughts on “Canon For Theremin & LoopStation

  1. Wow, the improvisation at the end was amazing. She has no business performing other people’s music if she can come up with something like that on her own.

  2. Very nice, great performance! hats off, also because this loopstation is piece of crap, i hate it, it sucks, it´s clumsy, unintuitive, horrible to set up, i wish i never had even thought about buying it, also it has no looptime under one second, not able to slave to midi (i think)

    obviously it was not made for what i wanted it to do, happy to see someone putting it to good use, applause!

    1. What do you recommend as a looper? I have a song-writer friend who writes folky (but sometimes quite complex) songs. She wants a looper but is not especially technically minded. Electroharmonix?

  3. Amazing! I’ve seen a couple of her other videos. She really seems to understand what music actually is and what it’s for. I know that’s rather abstract, but I lack the adjectives to properly describe it.

  4. the art work in the background reminds me of some interior designs i came across when i was on acid in my youth, almost but not quite a flash back. theremintastic!

  5. Wow… It takes one level of virtuosity to master an instrument where you have tactile feedback. Getting this good on a theremin is another level entirely…

  6. Really, really beautiful performance!
    Since I saw some videos of the incomparable, late Clara Rockmore I have been looking for someone – anyone – who is actually capable of playing music on a theremin, with all that implies of confidence, courage, intonation, expressivity and, above all, musicianship. I shall look no further… Thank you Carolina! I am already looking forward to the next performance.

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