Dreadbox Modular Sneak Preview


Dreadbox – maker of the Erebus and Hades synthesizers – has updated their site with information on their Eurorack modular synthesizer line. 


The Dreadbox Modular lineup includes four Eurorack systems, including the Primary System (at top); a 122 HP Modular Case (below); and a line of Euro modules (above).


The Dreadbox Modular Case is priced at US $649. The Primary System, which features the case bundle and five modules, is priced US $2,435. Individual Eurorack modules are priced $259-$439 Details are available via their site.

34 thoughts on “Dreadbox Modular Sneak Preview

  1. some of the coolest looking modules ive seen yet… and i think this dude has a rep for making really good sounding synths, so i bet these sound good too

    kinda want to see them in a bubbly off-white plastic case, with a bright orange line or something… like an 80s sci-fi space suit

    i like the patch points consolidated on the bottom too… very handy

      1. Maybe because getting 3 Mother 32s is probably the best way of getting a polyphonic Moog?

        A pretty nice way to break into the modular realm..

  2. This looks very interesting, it seems to have a very purposeful semi-modular case approach – I don’t think anyone is really doing such a thing in eurorack? Very inviting for a eurorack setup, and I like that Dreadbox synth sound.

  3. These dudes just continue to nail it. Not only is a total looker but the usefulness of that case is bordering on obvious (as in ‘why hasn’t this existed 10 times over already?’).

  4. Funny spelling of the Greek alphabet: I can’t find any references to “Lamda” – it should be “Lambda”.
    Not sure I like the idea of a prominent typo on the front of my synth!!

    1. from wiki: Lambda (uppercase ?, lowercase ?; Greek: ???(?)?? lam(b)da) is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet.

      So you see it can be written both ways.

      1. Yes, I’d seen the Wikipedia article about “Lambda” and checked the spelling before posting: I’ve never seen it written without the ‘b’, indeed there are very few references to “Lamda” online, it’s extremely unusual and still looks to me like a spelling mistake 😀

        1. Considering that Dreadbox are a Greek company based in Athens, I’m kinda gonna take their side on this one, as far as the spelling is concerned…

  5. John from Dreadbox is a tone god. BTW just saw that there are sound demos and pricing info for the Hades synth on the Dreadbox site!

  6. Looks great. Also (to me) looks like the best compromise between providing a basic/familiar synth voice while also providing the weirdness and possibilities of the modular world I’ve seen in a single system so far.

  7. I don’t understand this bit regarding the case:

    “1 x LFO (connected directly to the illuminating waves of the case’s back side)”

    I can see what look like ventilation holes in the shape of what appears to be a random LFO pattern, but I don’t really understand the implication of the text.

    1. The LFO changes the intensity of the light shining through the back vent holes, and maybe the relative position.

      Basically a light up fancy logo on the back.

    1. With all due respect, it would be a waste to put a Moog Mother-32 in that case. Part of the reason you’re paying $650 for the case is the power supply. The Mood Mother-32 is going to block off 60HP of case-provided power that would be better used for individual smaller modules. The Mother has its own power supply and doesn’t need case power.

      So if you have a Moog Mother-32 (or 2) the thing to do would be put them on top of the case.

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