New App, Melodics, Turns Practicing Finger Drumming Into A Game


Melodics is a new finger drum training app, designed to turn practicing into a game.

Here’s the official video intro:

The app is a free download for OS X and comes with a selection of free lessons. Additional lessons are available with a US $9.99 monthly subscription.

A Windows version is planned.

See the Melodics site for details.

16 thoughts on “New App, Melodics, Turns Practicing Finger Drumming Into A Game

  1. Seriously messed up pricing here. for 25 a month you can get access to the entire catalogue of Macprovideo tutorials including finger drumming courses from the God Jeremy ellis himself. I mean you could just download his video alone for 20 dollars. Honestly what are they thinking here. Epic fail.

      1. I understand their strategy – all of the most successful apps (in monetary terms) use a freemium model, so there is no barrier to people trained it out.

        I’m not sure though, why they don’t just have a fee for new sets of lessons, forces doing the subscription model. I don’t think they’re going to get much take up on the subscription, but I could see people buying lesson packages at two or three bucks a pop.

        1. I agree with the above. I don’t think a subscription model makes sense in this case. When you are paying for free access to a huge library of video tutorials about a wide range of topics (like what Macprovideo,, Groove3, etc. offer) it seems reasonable to sign up for a monthly subscription. Even though this is cheaper than those sites, I can’t see a huge number of people wanting to pay $10 every month just for some MIDI files. You aren’t even getting videos by these artists, explaining their techniques. A variety of packs, available for a reasonable fee, might have enticed me. $120 a year for some MIDI files doesn’t.

  2. Just played with it for about a 45 min and i think its great. $10.00 a month really isn’t that big of a deal. Hope this works out for them.

  3. “Subscription” is the new “Nails on a chalkboard”.

    I agree, presuming the content is good and you’re actually getting something out of it, $10/mo isn’t that big a deal to learn something new. Presumably you unsubscribe at around three months if you’re dedicated to learning as you’re probably well on your way at that point. Going from 0 to 60 (ok, 40) in finger drumming for $30 bucks is a deal. People pay a hell of a lot more for beginner acoustic guitar lessons!

  4. Tried it for about an hour yesterday. The presentation is great and it was fun to blow through the different lessons. Planning on playing through the rest of the free tier to see if it catches at all.

  5. I tried it and played for a while. Really cool, people comparing this to videos should try it out. Playing and looking, different things.
    I don’t think I’m going to pay for it though.

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