How To Use The Free Nord Sample Editor

Nord shared this brief tutorial that loooks at creating samples using the free Nord Sample Editor

The Editor, available for both Mac & Windows, offers tools for various actions that can be applied to a sample. These tools will for instance help you in setting a start point of a sample, creating a loop and other tasks that are essential in making the samples ready for use in the Nord unit.

The Editor also has functions for automatic mapping of samples across the keyboard and much more.

It is compatible with these Nord keyboards:

  • Nord Electro 5 v1.00+
  • Nord Electro 4 v1.00+
  • Nord Electro 3 v2.00+
  • Nord Piano 2 v1.00+
  • Nord Stage 2 EX v1.00+
  • Nord Stage 2 v1.60+
  • Nord Wave v2.00

It’s a free download from the Nord site.

4 thoughts on “How To Use The Free Nord Sample Editor

  1. What is so special about the Nord sample format?
    Can it be converted to other formats / imported by a generic audio editor or a tool such as Extreme Sample Converter or NI – Kontakt ?

  2. What is special about the Nord sample format?

    Can Nord sample files be converted with an average sample file editor or tool eg. Extreme Sample Converter?
    Or imported into NI Kontakt or similar?

    1. It can be used in the hardware keyboards. That is what it was designed for. They make the sample library and editor available for free to anyone but is only really useful to owners of the units listed above.

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