SoundForce SFC-Mini Minimoog-Style MIDI Controller Now Available To Order


Developer Nicolas Toussaint let us know that he’s planning to produce the SoundForce SFC-Mini – a hardware controller for Minimoog-style software synths – via a Kickstarter project.

Here is the official intro video:

The SoundForce SFC-Mini is a USB controller, designed for Mini-style synthesizer plugins. It is USB-powerered, class compliant (plug & play) and compatible with Win/Mac/iPad.

A variety of colors are planned:



  • 22 x rotary pots
  • 21 x tact switches and LEDs
  • 6 x 6-positions switches
  • USB-powered class compliant device
  • Dimensions: 32cm x 13cm x 4.5cm (fits in a backpack)
  • Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, Bitwig, Cubase, Reaper and much more
  • Easy setup with pre-mapped preset for Mini-V/Monark
  • Custom firmware for Minimonsta (as the MIDI map is fixed in the plugin)
  • Also compatible with the iMini iPad app
  • Can be used with any other MIDI-mappable software
  • Open-source Arduino-based firmware

The SFC-Mini is available to backers, starting at €165 (about US $187). See the project site for details.

15 thoughts on “SoundForce SFC-Mini Minimoog-Style MIDI Controller Now Available To Order

  1. seems like if this guy was mass producing at a normal scale, he could probably get prices down <$100, which is about right for this product

    1. If you want cheap – why not get a $150 BCR2000?

      And why do you think a boutique manufacturer should be able to make something cheaper than a company like Behringer, who’s claim to fame is cheap knockoffs?

      The whole point of this controller is to be a niche solution specifically for software mini users, the opposite of a cheap generic controller. so it should cost more, but it should be a much better solution for those users.

  2. Great price point, right on….

    It is what he says it is… unlike some other products that have hit the market lately disguised as something else but actually just software controllers…

  3. Think this is a great price for what it is. Been burned by Kickstarter a couple of times so I’ll wait until it’s actually in production (hopefully).

    1. I am sorry to hear that Will. Not to influence you too much, but there is a big chance I will only produce enough controllers for the backers. It’s a new market and things are too certain to make a big stock of those. I don’t want to end up with controllers I can’t sell. Kickstarter is a great way to for me to test the market and let people decide if this should be done.

  4. One problem with a controller like this is that there’s no way to know by looking at the unit what the software is actually set at. BCR style rings would be great, though it would send the price through the roof.

  5. I love the look, I love the purpose, and I love the price. But what I would need is good integration with my software. It’s the only thing in my book that separates the men from the boys. If I have to manually map every knob to specific attenuators on my synths in Reason every time I grab a new synth, it just might not do it for me. Luckily though, Nicolas, the firmware can be updated to make this integration with your fabulous-looking product possible. Cheers!

  6. 33 Hours to go on kickstarter.. 7.500€ are open to get the goal. looks like we will never see this in production 🙁
    Too bad i want one!

  7. hoi
    i have the ms20 midi controller !—–
    all my money went in my eurorack,[cant see the bottem ]so i rediscovert my ms20–and —
    but i love to see a controller like that for my minimoog vst .
    so if you still working on this (and other ‘synths’]

    peter jochems

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