MultiTrack DAW Updated With Track Freeze, Low Latency Monitoring & More

multitrack-daw-ipadHarmonicdog has updated MultiTrack DAW for iOS to version 4.

MultiTrack DAW is an 8-track audio recorder for iOS (upgradable to 24 tracks) that supports Inter-App Audio, Audiobus and more.

Here’s what’s new in version 4:

  • Freeze tracks – drastically reduces processing for tracks with IAA effects, and frees up the plugins for use on other tracks.
  • Loop Recording – allows continuous overwriting while it loops. Stop and undo after a good take.
  • Smaller audio buffers – sizes of 64 are now supported for low latency monitoring.
  • Rewritten audio engine for perfectly clean audio quality.
  • Volume/pan adjustments are filtered and interpolated, no ‘zippering’.
  • Compressor uses exponential gain reduction metering.
  • Long-Touch zipped song project icon now has ‘Open in’ button for sharing the zip.
  • Final mixdown now uses loop markers as song start and end.
  • Final mixdown won’t overwrite older mixdowns with same name.
  • All sorting/ordering uses numeric sort (Song, Shared, Inputs, IAA effects, generators, instruments).
  • Silence rendered to IAA plugins when doing mixdown/copy operation, to flush out buffers.
  • Wi-Fi web server lists songs in same order as shown in multitrack.
  • Track and bin download filenames now contain the song name as prefix.
  • Various bug fixes

MultiTrack DAW is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

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