Music IO Update Lets You Stream Audio + MIDI Between Multiple Devices

Power Trio has released Music IO 1.4, an update to the audio + MIDI over USB solution for Mac, Windows & iOS.

The update adds support for mulltiple devices, chains o fIAA effects, support for Windows & more.

Here’s what’s new in Music IO 1.40:

  • Support for multiple devices on the Mac; now connect as many iPhones and iPads as you like, to stream both audio and MIDI to any destination you wish (audio is limited to 4 iOS devices)
  • Support for chains of up to four IAA effects apps on each track (up to 16 effects total)
  • Support for PCs is now out of beta; connect musicIO to your PC desktop DAW, using the free VST available on the musicIO web sit
  • Bug fixes, stability improvements and performance enhancements

Here’s what they have to say about it:

  • 1) The iOS app now supports up to four effects apps per track — so the setup now is 4 tracks, up to four instruments per track, and four effects per track, so maybe 32 apps running simultaneously (yeah, more than pretty much any iOS device can handle….).
  • 2) Audio is sent at 44.1khz floating point, four stereo channels, and this is bidirectional if you want it. Audio is automatically up sampled or down sampled as needed, for both the Mac and the PC.
  • 3) BIG ITEM: On the Mac, we now support multiple devices — up to four at a time, depending on how much power the Mac has (and the DAW, of course). The Mac has a separate server that handles all the connections, and then you get audio in and out of DAWs using either VST or AU plug-ins.
  • 4) On the PC, it’s still one device at a time — but we’ve improved the MIDI back end. We’ve licensed the MIDIloop library from Tobias Erichsen, so there’s no need for other MIDI loopback applications. Start up the VST, and a “Music IO” virtual MIDI port should appear. The DAW should be able to see that port, and connect directly. This was one of the big headaches for the Windows users.
  • 5) The plug-ins for both PC and Mac have been updated — we’re out of “beta” for Windows; almost everyone we’ve talked to has been able to get things running. The Windows gotchas have been the iTunes install, network firewalls, and a few sketchy USB cables.
  • 6) The Windows side now offers better MIDI jitter management. Nic has designed what we’re calling “BridgeClock,” which gives us rock-solid clocking on iOS+Mac, and I’ve hacked that in to the Windows side as well — things should be very stable. Did I mention that Nic is a freakin’ genius? Anyway, we’ve got some voodoo magic, and it’s voodoo magic that works best with apps that use the MIDIbus library.
  • 7) And speaking of MIDIbus….. Nic has a companion app under way. It’s slick. It’s very very slick.
  • 8) And finally…. we didn’t get it in to 1.40, but we will have 1.50 rolling out shortly, with something I don’t think many people will expect to see. More on that in a week or two….

Music IO is available for US $9.99 in the App Store. A MIDI only version is also available as a free download.

11 thoughts on “Music IO Update Lets You Stream Audio + MIDI Between Multiple Devices

  1. Thanks for the coverage!

    @Midigod — if you can drop us an email, we’ll try to sort out the clocking issue (if it’s a wobbly clock source, there might not be much we can do, but if it’s the USB connection, that’s something we can try to dial in).

    The MIDI-only version of Music IO is free — I’m a firm believer that MIDI should be free, and we’re trying to make it easy for people to test things out, and see if the app is the right fit for their needs.

  2. CopperLan has solved all problems related to HD Midi (fully routable, fully synced) the API is free to use and yet, they still do not use it and instead use VST + iTunes, so your forced to use a Computer + DAW….ie a fudged solution.

    Copperlan does not require a computer to run midi, the logic runs on the midi interfaces….so it is entirely possible to have an iPAD controlling a rack of hardware synths without a computer at all using AL-USB and AL-88C interfaces.

    Stone age Midi …sorry.

    1. Your suggestion might make sense if you ignore the fact that the whole point of this app is routing audio and midi to your computer.

      Also, you’re suggesting a $600 solution to avoid Using a free app and the cable people already have to route midi.

    2. Regarding Copperlan, perhaps people don’t want to base their entire music studio on a technology that is not an industry standard and is controlled by one company that has had no commercial success,

  3. Not sure what’s up but I’m not having any joy using the latest windows server, the beta server was just fine in the same setup.

  4. Fear not, studiomux has tried to muck up their once pristine audiomux app….it works great once you can get it online and then forget using turnado. Too many snarls. But when it connects to the server after a lot of cajoling, it works awesome. Come on everyone, let’s get that awesome app that we all deserve without the hassles..the Germans in Berlin seem to be too busy dealing with the refugees than paying attention to their app. Come on people!

    1. Hey Psysword,

      Actually here in berlin there’s not that many refugees yet – so still loads of time to work on the app! We have published updated Servers a week ago, and wanted to push a studiomux update with fixes for Audiobus prior to this weekend.. unfortunately Apple did not take kindly to our ‘App has been updated, please get the latest Server from our homepage’ Alert-Message, therefore we have to take an extra round and do the whole review process again.


      Hope we have it through there in the coming days 🙂
      Till then: What seems the be the officer, problem? Did you send us an email to support yet?


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