Ninstruments SP-12/Drumulator Drum Module (Sneak Preview)

ninstrument-drumulatorNinstrument has introduced a new Eurorack drum synth module, the SP-12/Drumulator.

The SP-12/Drumulatori is a 10 HP Euro module, based on the DSP Synthesizers DSP-D8 drum chip.

Here’s what Ninstrument’s Chris Blarsky has to say about the new module:

“Seeing this made me long for the older 80’s drum machines and I knew it would also be nice if I could get this into my eurorack using the least amount of space(HP) as possible. Well, getting 8 vintage percussion sounds into 10HP works for me!”

Here is a video demo of the SP-12/Drumulator module in action:

More information on the SP-12/Drumulator module is available at the Ninstrument site and details on the DSP-D8 drum chip are available at developer Jan Ostman’s site.

Information on pricing and availability is to be announced.

20 thoughts on “Ninstruments SP-12/Drumulator Drum Module (Sneak Preview)

  1. The DSP Synthesizers DSP-D8 drum chip seems like a good concept for a quick ‘n dirty drum machine platform, but to be really exciting to the Euro world it needs more real-time control of drum sounds.

    A multiplexed pitch CV control input would be a start (multiplexed to allow multiple, per-sound pitch CVs on one pin via external CMOS multiplexer IC).

    Otherwise, it’s just 8 little sounds in a box.

  2. surely there can be an add on module to access audio properties.

    im kinda itchy for analog drum machine in this type of format with access to audio properties

    1. There are plenty of analogue drum modules with CV in Eurorack, but this isn’t one of them. It’s based on drum samples with a pitch control for 6 of them. If you want analogue with control have a look at the tiptop drum modules or the hexinverter mutant drums. It’ll const you a lot more money and hp though!

  3. ok i listened to the above demo with my sub woofer at max,and im so unimpressed and i would advise any one looking for cheap drums to go for the roland jdxi,for the money the drums on the jdxi are far superior to this module,save your money people this is so lame,it makes me wonder did the owner of this site actually listen to this demo

    1. You might want to get your subwoofer checked out. Youtube videos very accurately capture frequencies in the 20 – 200 Hz range. Youtube video is the new gold standard for high-fidelity audio.

  4. ok any 1 thinking of buying this module,please listen to the drums at full volume,they have no punch,they dont even move that much,the sequencer running the drums looks ok,but i would use a drum module from another manufacturer ,i really wish the designer would admit that there is clearly a lot to do to get more punch and life into this drum module,i would certainly be interested if they only fixed the current problems with it

    1. I am in total agreement, aliensound. If gear doesn’t sound good on a Youtube video then its not going to sound good anywhere else. Like a favorite song “mastered for iTunes” a Youtube video presents audio in all its uncompressed high-fidelity glory.

    2. I would say that either you have a glorified image of the SP-12/Drumulator or you just don’t get it?

      This is an emulation of the original EMU drumsound.
      Perhaps you just don’t like the 80’s retro sound and want something modern?

      But listen to the unprocessed dry sound of the original EMU and let me know how much punch that got?

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